Thank you, Salt Lake City International ...

I returned from San Francisco last night.

A post dedicated to it will appear ... tomorrow? Probably not. That's a wee-bit too optimistic.

However, I do want to share some thoughts I had while waiting for my flight to San Fran in Salt Lake City International ...

Have you ever come across a human who you don't know if is a man or a woman? Ugh. I hate this. I am a mentally healthy and stable adult with a college degree. I should be able to tell if any given human is a male or a female. Arg.

Next ... A man came and stood in front of it (refer to unidentified gendered human in above paragraph). Man had rather large biceps. And by rather large I mean ... larger than my head. And that's fine. What I found rather strange is that ... he would flex them and look at them ... about every three minutes.


Dear Mr. Biceps:

Your biceps are indeed large. However, I can guarantee they did not get larger since the last time you checked ... three minutes ago.




There was one more tidbit such as these that I wanted to share ... but I cannot remember. Insert tears here.

Well, that's all for now folks ... More to come soon about here:


whitneybb said...

You make me laugh, You are a traveling fool. What is this I see about you going to Washington D.C? Any chance on one of your trips you want to come to Orlando? We could have a great time. I give you a bed,feed you and entertain you...think about it!

Adam R. said...

I know that your letter to Biceps man needed to be written for me. Sadly, I'm sure nobody thinks mine are large--just that they haven't changed since I last looked at them. I probably need to start working on that.

Meg said...

I, too, find it rather disturbing to not be able to identify a person's gender.

It's amazing how some men can be so obsessed with their own muscles. Odd.

Also, this comment should bring my total stars to 5, just to help you out. :-)

Chelsea said...

Mindy! It was awesome to see you on the River Trail yesterday! I'm glad that you think I have perfect eyebrows as well as my sister who you forgot the name of because...mine really aren't perfect :)

Linze Kate said...

Knowing someone's gender IS preferable... Yea. Haha...

I am glad you are doing well though, from what it sounds like. *muah* :)

P.S. Bridges?

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