Pulling the hair back ...

For those of you who know me well, you know that I almost always have my hair down and curly. I do this for several reasons but one of which being ... Having my hair straight or pulled up/back makes me hate all my clothes.


I don't hate the way my hair looks straight or pulled up/back, but I hate the way my clothes look when I do it pulled up/back.

I decided to pull my hair back today (in a messy bun I guess you could call it). And suddenly all my clothes are ugly.

I put on a shirt and some shorts and even asked the roommate if it was alright. She said yes. But then 30 seconds later those clothes could be found on the floor and I was trying on something else.

I actually walked out the door in the next ensemble and drove to work. All the way to work. I then turned back around and drove home.

To change my ugly clothes.

Changed the clothes. Came back to work.

And what I am wearing is just as equally ugly as attempts #1 and #2.

But if my hair was curly and down ... Sigh.

Maybe I should take a personal day.

Jokes, people.

I am not OCD.

I can manage to live my life without interruptions of the ugly clothes.



I can.

I have requested several of my readers to help me dress more cute (Whit Brench, Whit McAdams, Avree, just to name a few). But so far, no luck. Maybe if they helped dress me my clothes would still be cute even with my hair pulled back/up and/or straight.

Ugh. Think about something else. Quick. Or I will want to go home and change. Again.

I fear I will be spending the afternoon/evening shopping. 1 golden star for anyone who shows me cute clothes that I can buy and 10 golden stars if I actually end up buying the item you show. :) (These stars will be added to your new running total ... And I will announce the Golden Star Winner tomorrow ... or next Tuesday). :)


Avree said...

I get most of my summer shirts at Forever21.com but you have to scroll through a lot of ugly clothes to find the cute ones. Also, don't try to go to their store at the gateway, everytime I've been they only have a ton of riesty tank tops. Good luck!

DeeAura said...

Woah, boy. I know those days. I know them all too well. I can't think about it. It makes me question my wardrobe, and my checkbook canNOT handle that right now. Hahha. But I'd like to echo Avree. Forever 21 is gruh-ate. Also, about every third time I go to Ross, I fall in love with jillions of things. But it takes some commitment. Just a warning.

Kim & Jen said...

I actually agree completely! I don't mind having my hair up with workout clothes or whatever, but I think it makes my outfits look less cute! If you come to NY this summer I will take you shopping at Zara (it's a European clothing chain) and you will die from awesome overload.

Cam + Haley said...

I feel the same way when I do my hair curly... Magically, nothing looks good on me. :)

Must be psychological.

Allred Mom said...

Okay...so I "google" cute clothes with hair pulled back....Um....I don't think you would want any of them that I finally found! There are some cute bows for your hair, though! So...my clue for you...look for mannequins in all clothing stores with hair pulled back and see if they look cute or not! Any stars for me?? I spent hours looking!

Erica said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I also didn't know you were that neurotic! I'm excited to read your blog now, you're hilarious.

kristin said...

Heehee, this is hilarious Mindy. You are going to give yourself OCD. Guaranteed you look awesome even with it pulled up, but I do think when hair is pulled up it's all about what the collar of the shirt looks like. I suggest non-"collared" shirts, but rather a long-sleeved v-neck or a not-too-loose shirt. I like H&M if you do go see that friend in NYC who commented above.

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