The man of my dreams ...

I met him.

At a wedding ... of two people I didn't even know. I was just tagging along with Weedus. And at our assigned seating table sat a man named Mathias.

We started small chat as strangers do at wedding dinners.

He was big into sports ... Which is nice, but not so much impressive per se just because most men are.

He spoke of his ESPN fetish. He said most girls he knew said he watched "too much" ESPN. To which I reply, "Is there such a thing as too much ESPN?"

I think that's when I snatched him.

Me ... still not impressed. Interested in more sports related conversation, but not impressed.

I ask him what his favorite sports team was. He was very specific naming a team and a year. A year which I was pretty sure he wasn't even alive yet.

He says, "Don't you have a sporting event that you love but weren't alive for?"

I respond, "Welllll, I am actually pretty fond of a race that occurred in the 1972 Olypmics."

"Isn't that when Pre ran?" he asks.

Jaw drops to the floor. I am speechless for at least 47 seconds. I look around the table, "Does anyone else know who Pre is?? Anyone?" They all shake their heads in the negative.

I was pretty much in love with this man. Right there. Right then.

The conversation only got better as although he is a BYU cougar, he knows the seating capacity of Romney Stadium and the Spectrum ... as well as other random things that no one else at the table besides me cared about.

Oh, did I mention he is super young? Thus, the story ends here. But, the perfect man ... errr, boy does exist. And I am pretty sure his name is Mathias and he attends BYU.

The end. :)

Yes, I know I should really put more pictures up instead of blab so much. Oh, well. Get over it. :)

Oh, here are two other blogs to pursue today: Erika and then Mikey too.


Mike said...

Do I get gold stars for knowing who Pre is? And for knowing the seating capacities of Romney Stadium and the Spectrum? It sounds like I'm the perfect boy, too.

capturedbydaniem.blogspot.com said...

hello. Prefontaine. aka Steve Prefontaine. I watched that show on our way to Foot locker (the race, not the store). LOVE it.

Toni said...

Lol! How young is young ...I'm starting to think young is the way to go :) I give him two strikes --one for the institute of higher education he attends, and one for the age factor... then again, the fact that he knows so much about the spectrum may negate strike number two. Nothing negates the first strike. So what was his favorite sports team?

Krystal said...

I think you got flowers for employee appreciation week :)

AND... if you don't want a super young boy, you can send him my way :) I *love* little boys!

Marc and Megan said...

Wow. I can't believe you just admitted that the perfect boy is a true blue cougar. Never thought I'd see the day. :)

btw, just wanted to thank you for your thoughts for us on Sunday. It meant a lot to hear from you. Thank you.

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

How young is too young? I'm older than my hubby. And I have a friend who's 4 1/2 years older than her husband and have a marriage of bliss. Eternally, let's be honest, a few years difference here isn't gonna make a quack of a difference in happiness and success. (Unless he still hasn't served a mission and it's statutory...)

Nicole Anderson said...

I have to echo a previous question... How young is super young boy? Because although BYU may not be USU... it's pretty good anyway. :)

Chelsea said...

Shoot Mindy. I was going to dedicate a blog to you....but Mike beat me to it. And he's a guy so it is especially cooler than me bragging about you. Hmm...maybe I'll just have to settle with blogging about Brigham.

Erin said...

Yep...sports knowledge and a love of ESPN was what sold my husband on me. Keep it up...there are plenty of older, non-BYU-attending men out there who would freak over a sporty-smart lady like yourself. Have you checked at the U? :)

kristin said...

I have no problem with young! Young is one thing, immature is separate. Well, I certainly hope you gave this guy your number in a sly way at the end of the night!

Emily Bush said...


You. Are. Priceless. I just figured out today that more people then just my family have blogs! Shocking, I know. And then I stumbled across yours and I have to say I have spent the most enjoyable hour of my life reading your delightful blogs. You are terrifically entertaining my dear! :) Anyhow, I'm creepily going to be stalking you more often now, so watch out! :)

Loves loves loves!

P.S. Did you and your fam get my invite yet?

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