That is how I feel about attempting to blog about Cancun. What pictures should I post? Should I post it by activities or day by day? Am I going to bore people out of their minds? Does every photo need a caption? How many views of the Chitzen Itza Temple does the average reader want to see?

AH! The potential overwhelmingness is ... well, overwhelming.


P.s. There were four mishaps on the vaycay. All of which will be discussed at some point. One of which will be discussed now. Old, leathery-tan man in a speedo and sneakers with socks. If that isn't a mishap, I don't know what is. (Fortunately, no photo documentation.)

So, folks ... fasten your seat belts, keep your arms, legs, and kidneys inside the ride at all times and I think we're ready to go!


Krystal said...

1. After seeing this, I need a vacation, like, NOW!

2. I read all 7 days in their entirety, 70 stars for me (And based on the fact that I am procrastinating homework that needs to be done tonight, that should merit some bonus points... just sayin).

3. I especially love that you have a different, super adorable, swim suit for every day of vacation (I think the pink & green floral is my favorite).

4. Sorry about the sun burn... not pretty!

5. Hope your dad is doing okay... that is so not fun.

Avree said...

Mindy, I loved all these vacation posts! It looks like you basically went on my honeymoon minus going snorkeling with a crazy man who told us to call him Captain Pedro. When Matt and I went we were allowed to climb to the top of the pyramid at Chiblahblahblah (can't remember how to spell it) so you should be very jealous. However, we did not get to play in a cenote so you've got us there. I'm glad you had an overall good time and I'm sorry about your dad, I hope he's feeling better.

P.S. I love all your swimming suits, you should e-mail me and tell me where you got them.

Meg said...

I'll read the rest in a moment, but I have to claim my star for four mishaps first. Woohoo!!

Meg said...

So, with all the poll questions, reading about Cancun, and adding my own total, I should be up to 187 gold stars. That would actually put me at the top at this exact moment, before anyone else updates their stars. :-)

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