One year, yo ...

www.nikerunner.blogspot.com has officially been around for one year (okay, a little more ... the goal was to have this posted on the actual anniversary, but I was in Cancun).

Here are a few highlights in the past year:

  • 98 different people have left at least one comment.
  • Most popular post (as determined by comments left): Just in case you were wondering...
  • Second most popular post: Amazing Recipe!
  • Least popular post (as determined by comments left): Hawaii Day Five and Cancun Day Five. (I feel much pressure to make day five of my next trip amazing.)
  • The only states where I do not have readers are in Indiana, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.
  • Post to cause the most stir/commotion/questions: New Mexico.
  • Most serious posts: My favorite pirate ... and After thoughts ...
  • Most likely to leave a comment: Michael Brian Lundberg and Krystal.
  • There are at least five people who have commented that I have no idea who they are.
  • I have left two comments on my own blog.
  • Least likely to leave a comment ever: Tiffany.
  • Most likely to pester me to update my blog: Chance or Em.
  • In the first year, there was over 16,000 views of the blog.
  • There have been 861 comments left.
  • It is read in over 14 countries.
  • 3,684.5 golden stars have been awarded so far.

You officially have 72 more hours from the time of this posting to earn as many golden stars as you possibly can. This can be done primarily by reminding me of either super-cool things we have done together or awesome memories we have. You tell me what you think the gold star value of those things should be. I will confirm or deny and award you accordingly. The next post will recognize the person who earned the most gold stars for the first year and be highlighted on the right-hand column for the entire year!

Good luck!


The life of a college girl said...

Wow Miss Mindy, where to begin??? We have had way to many fun times together. The first time I met you, I was scared to death of you and thought you were mean and terrifying. Little did I know that one day, our friendship would blossom! EFY was where it all began, in Provo 2006 in fact. Those blessed DT towers and dreaded daily meetings. You were a funny one, me being a people watcher, I loved to watch you and how you interacted with all the different people. It made me giggle. But I was still afraid of you, for some strange reason.... Fast forward to the summer of 2007. It was time to meet our team for the summer and I was a nervous wreck. I only knew two people, and I was scared of the rest. When I found out you were my coordinator, I was afraid, afraid to meet this person who had intimidated me for so long. But I faced my fears and that weekend was a blast. We played get to know you games, ate some good food, tried to be professional dancers, and then took a "short" drive up the canyon to try and not die hiking in the dark. This began the best summer ever! With many Cafe Rio and Jamba Juice runs, life could not be any better. Sweating our eyes out and getting late night Wendy's and otter pops telling crazy stories of the day. Eating the Junction food only when we had to and spending way too much money on junk. Dancing in sweaty gyms and running around with air freshners trying to make it not smell like boys. ;) Dressing up in floaties with flags and ribbion in our hair and sunglasses that covered our face. Tackeling you so you would be in pic with us, so difficult you were! ;) Granted we had to deal with crazy kids and counselors, we still had fun. We bonded that summer, I took care of you when you get sick, you made me laugh and smile and want to be where I was at the time. You shared amazing thoughts and insights on so many things that have stuck with me and help me to be a better person. The summer came to a close and we were all sad. But we promised to make an effort to stay in touch. We tried to arrange meetings with the whole clan, little did we know that would be so stinkin hard! But when we managed to get together it was great and we laughed, ALOT. Reliving memeories and creating new ones. Like dressing up in clothes lying in the basement and then playing guitar hero and ending up in the parking lot of Cafe Rio doing the Cheetah Girl dance and laughing till we peed our pants. On the memories. As time goes on, people decide they want to get married and leave us single people to fend for themselves. But its ok, we will always have eachother. Mindy dear, you make me happy. I love reading about your life and adventures and laughing and crying with you and being a part of it all. I dont know if this will get me many stars, but it was fun to go down memory lane. Oh girl how I love ya to death! Thanks for being you!!!

Krystal said...

congrats on your baby turning one, way to go!! I love your blog... and, I enjoy ALL the days of your vacations, I just tend to leave a comment on the first day since it's at the top.

And now, I present to you the reasons to give Krystal stars(along with what I deem to be a reasonable amount of stars... but you can be the final judge of that!):

* I follow your blog in my google reader - 5 stars
* I am one of the most likely to comment (and I would just like to point out that BML has not yet commented on this fact) - 10 stars
* I am "cultured" and enjoy a nice ballet :) - 30 stars
* I helped you first meet Russ :) - 50 stars
* I was successful in giving you a lesson in cookie making without starting a fire - 25 stars
* I have never appeared on the "needs to be kicked" list - 45 stars
* I love the color pink ALMOST as much as you do - 10 stars
* I love strawberry shortcake as much as you (AND, if you ever have a baby girl, I will give you a baby strawberry shortcake blanket and burp pad set my mom just made) - 30 stars
* I AM AN AGGIE: 1,000 STARS (would it help if I said that I am sick this week and could really use some bonus points :))
Grand total: 1,205 (plus the 194 I already have which makes my total: 1399 - ah heck, let's just round up to 1,400 for kicks and giggles!)

Meg said...

I remember that I first met you because I was assigned to be your visiting teacher. You were one of the easiest people to visit because you were always excited to have me come. I remember bringing my sister (Lil) with me, since I never could get hold of my VT companion. It was so much fun to talk to you. Reading your blog is almost as much fun (it's still better to see you in person, but I do love your blog).

I remember taking treats to your apartment one day and you weren't there. I remember later getting an e-mail from you (after you figured out they were from me) telling me how much it meant because you'd had the worst day and then came home to find treats.

I remember how crazy I thought you were before I got to know you. Then I found out I was right. :-) Crazy is good.

Probably a lot of other people have actually spent more time with you and, therefore, have more memories. But I figure mine are worth at least 15 stars apiece.

By the way, I think it's really cool that you have readers from 14 countries. I've only had readers from 4 (maybe 5) countries on my blog.

Chelsea said...

Well...I was going to leave some super cool comment about our sweet tunnel excursion under Utah State when I was drugged up on some sleep meds...but then everyone else posted these amazingly long and awesome reasons why they should get stars...so if I could at least get 2nd place I would be okay with that, and I won't complain. :)

Avree said...

I remember when you came to my dorm at Summit Hall the first day I moved in because you were such an on-the-ball RS Pres. I remember prank-calling people and I accidentally called someone and said, "Hi, this is Avree...dangit!" and hung up. I remember going to FHE activities and our "Dad" TJ had a dead-beat wife. I have a lot of other memories but I need to take care of Spencer...just give me more gold stars than Brandon, Chance, and Mike. Thanks!

Krystal said...

I remembered another totally point-worthy event... breaking in to K-Shep's house and stealing their big banner and sending ransom e-mails for them to come get it back... that was fun! I had another thought, but it has left my mind for now... OH, WAIT... I remember... one of the 5 people who commented on your blog but you had no clue who they were was actually my friend Megan who I sent a link to so she could see the awesome aggie toilet... so I was spreading the Mindy love and sending visitors your way. WORD. 50 more stars :) go Krystal :)


Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

What you're visiting emily! I'm so jealous why California and not wisconsin? You could both come here! Oh well I'll get over it. I'm sure you'll get more sleep there anyway. Thank you for reminding me about the anniversary of your blog sorry I didn't get you a nice present or anything for it!:) I love you lots and I'm jealous you get to be with my sister and that she gets to be with you!!!!! See ya in August!

Nicole Anderson said...

Well... geez... I thought the time we pranked all the boys in the ward as a Relief Society Presidency meeting was pretty great! "Are you in love?" Or ... "This is not someone from your ward calling you, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, this is the dial-tone... " (in of course my best Home-Star runner impersonation voice!) Well... just a few stars would be good. I'm getting into this! :)

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