I'm getting married!

And, no. This is not an April Fools joke.

I am not getting married anytime soon, but let it be known to the universe that one day I will!

How do I know this?

I had my palm read yesterday while at work.

Yup. I found out the massage therapist that works with my clients is a palm reader {no lie}. As soon as I spread the word, she had all the staff lined up to get a reading.

Some might think this was selfish - taking her away from the clients who needed her to help them. And, those some would be ... exactly right.

But seriously, you, me, we, EVERYONE on the face of the planet has been dying to know, "Will Mindy ever get married?"

And now, all 6,706,993,152 of us on the planet {including all 1 billion in China whom you thought probably didn't care} will stop losing sleep over that.



This was my reading:

I will be extremely healthy throughout my life.

I am extremely compassionate.

I am very kind.

I have high self-esteem.

I currently have pain in my neck/right upper back/shoulder area {Yup, just ask my chiropractor}.

I don't have a stubborn bone in my body {insert laughter here _______}.

I will live well past my 90's {Oh, my!}.

Good with numbers {Uhm ... I guess I am. Buuuut, if I was to do one of those tags where you say the top four million things about yourself, I would never include that one. Maybe I am good with numbers, yet still bored with them}.

I have loved two men in my life, one of which I will forsurely not marry ... yet, no indication if I will marry the second or not.

I will have a very, very, very happy marriage! {Unfortunately, it may be up to two more years before I actually get married}.

Man, I should've had my palms read years ago to save us all the worry!

And, to those who are wondering - no, that photo is not of my future wedding dress.


P.S. I have written President Monson a second letter - just in case he didn't get the first. I think I will be mailing it out today. If interest is high enough, I just might post it on here. {Who am I kidding, even if there was absolute zero interest, I would anyway. As if this blog exists for YOU. Ha. I laugh at that idea.} ;)


Avree said...

Well I could have told you that, you didn't need to consult a palm reader. Did she say anything about being the General Relief Society President and wearing a large brooch?

Mike said...

I totally want my palm read! Is that the woman who actually read your palm, because if so that is even more awesome.

BreAna Palmer said...

I want my palm read. I need to know if I am going to get a baby girl. I really really really want one. lol.

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

Of course you're getting married! You needed a palm reader to tell you that? You should have just paid me and I would have told you that you are bound for matrimony. It's in the stars, Mindy! :)

Krystal said...

of course you're getting married... and OF COURSE I want to see the letter :)
And I agree with BreAna... I don't care so much about finding out if I'm getting married, I just want to make sure I'm having a baby girl someday (even if through adoption).

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