How could I forget?!

Oh, my gosh!

I forgot about Earth Day yesterday!

How dare I post something as trivial and inconsequential as being a home-wrecker?

Now, I know this may surprise most of you ... but I was inspired yesterday and ... I am going green.

How so?

I am going to save on packaging ... From now on, I solemnly promise to never buy peanut M&Ms in packaging weighing under five pounds.

Yes, I will sacrifice for our earth, our planet, our home.

How will YOU go green?

Today is the day we celebrate not only the birth and death of William Shakespeare, but my favorite brother-in-law's birth as well. Happy birthday, Shteve. P.s. Don't wrinkle it, Shteve. I want it for the scrapbook (if anyone can tell me what movie that line is from, 40 gold stars).

Also, one of my BFFs is graduating from BYU today! Congrats, Chancey-poo!


emily said...

I've been meaning to buy reusable bags for the grocery store, but I like your m&m idea.

As for the movie quote

Krystal said...

I second your green idea... guess I'll have to buy my peanut M&Ms from costco from now on. I had my students make an earth picture then we glued hands and arms around it so that we were "hugging" the earth...

as for other ways to go green, I don't know... maybe give my students less work and waste less paper? Nah!!

Allred Mom said...

Today is my nephews birthday, too!

As for going green...Thanks for telling me about the 5 lb bags of Peanut M&M's!
Also, I pulled some green weeds..does that count?
Oh, and I recycled all the newspapers that piled up from Spring Break!

Meg said...

For earth day we celebrated by handing out fliers for R's new business. Don't worry, right on the flier we wrote "We recycle as much as possible" thus making entirely green, right?

Whitney said...

dear mindy,

what is your e-mail so I can e-mail you shauna's e-mail? did that make any sense? I think we all know how much she would just LOVE to have her e-mail out there on the web.

you can e-mail me here:

thanks and sincerely,

boo's sister

Chance said...

chancey-poo???? Really???

ps. Thank you for coming!

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