Day Two ...

On our way to breakfast ...

We ate breakfast at this gorgeous restaurant on the resort.

We freaked out a bit when we saw our bill:
But then we remembered it was in pesos, and everything was okay again. :)

So, it was off to the pool and beach we went (okay, honestly, we rode a taxi to Playa del Carmen to get some groceries at Walmart first, but we didn't take pictures of that. Come on, Walmart is Walmart in any country).

And remember how I said we got a tad obsessed with the dock/thingy? I.was.not.lying ...

(We have three times as many photos with this crazy docky/thingy. But I think you get the idea. Also, I feel like when I put comments in parenthesis, it's like I am whispering ... Or like it is a side note to everything else. Mm-k?)

Then we were on our way to dinner ...

The above shot was when Amy was fiddling with her camera so she could actually take a picture of these:

She also took the below picture, which I think just looks cool and seems sooo Cancun-ish. :)

The next photo, I didn't know was being taken. I like that it shows the cute restaurant though, that was on the beach front. Outside the doors you could see the ocean. It was like off a movie or something.

And then below is for Adam. You cannot see it in the photo, but the butter is from New Zealand! Yay. Perfect.

(Pretend I don't look like it's a million degrees with 394898% humidity.)

After dinner we went to a "Beach Party" hosted by the resort. We figured it'd involve lots of Tequilla and other festivities we wouldn't be able to engage in so we just went to look for a minute.

As soon as we got there they were asking for all the single ladies to come to the middle and form a circle:

This is when the announcer man was teaching the single ladies how to dance. He did so by using phrases such as, (please read in a Mexican accent), "Make circles with your hips. Sexy, sexy circles - rapido!" And, "Don't mind the rain, in Cancun it rains Tequilla!" and concerning the circle, "It's like the mafia, once you get in - you can't get out!"

Unfortunately, we didn't participate. We just watched for about 7.8 minutes from the sidelines:

We then headed back to our room when we encountered mishap #2.

Evidently we had left our safe unlocked and the maid saw it was open when she came to turn down our beds (yes, she came in every night to turn down our beds!). We had a note on our door telling us of our mishap and that we had to call for it to be fixed. 30 minutes later, we were in. So not a huge mishap, but nonetheless a mishap.

P.s. Sunburn free still at this point. Yee-haw!

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Allred Mom said...

I LOVE the PINK of the restaurant!

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