Day Four ...

We went to a little place called, Hidden Worlds ... Basically an extremely unique experience in the Mexican jungle!

We did some zip-lining through the jungle (I look like I am too cool to have fun with this zip-line, but it was fun. I promise):

We also did a cycle zip-line ...

Where did it take us?

Can you see the dark hole? What was it?

A cave! Ooh!

And what did we do in the cave?

We went cave snorkeling!!

Other caves we cycled through on our way back up after snorkeling ...

We also went to another cave and zip-lined into it ...

After I went my first time, there were a couple 10-year-olds who said it was "Waaaay cool!" to try it backwards. Okay ...

It actually was super fun because you didn't know when you were going to hit the water.

We also repelled into the cave ...

Here we are waiting to go.

And here I am going down ... OooooOOooooooOOoooooooOOooooh!

After repelling, there was another cave to snorkel.

Also of note ... Here we are at the "cafeteria":

Dirt floor. Walls made out of mosquito nets. Best food all week. We walk in, look at the menu on the wall when a cute Mexican man says, "Chicken tacos for all?" A little confused we all say yes ... And, boy oh, boy are we glad we did! I ate lunch in the Mexican jungle with a dirt floor and mosquito net walls! It was fantastic!

While at lunch we met the Skinny Man (we had heard much about him all day).

That's a lot of pressure to have a nickname like that, don'tcha think?

After Hidden Worlds we hit up 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen (a very touristy spot, kinda like a flea market of sorts).

You know the stories you've heard about talking the prices down with the merchants? They're true. I talked merchants down 50% on several items. It was fantastic. :)

The next part is for Chance:

These dudes were everywhere. Police officers with, yup - machine guns! And that machine gun, was actually the smallest we saw! I am not sure if this actually made me feel safe or more aware of danger. Buuut, I obviously was not murdered nor turned into a white slave. Phew!

Annnnd, I think this concludes day four. Please feel free to give yourself 10 gold stars for each day you've read to its entirety.


Mike said...

If my pier comment gets five stars, I am owed forty five stars now.

Bethany said...

oh mike. stop crying about the stars and just read the story that is mindys life.

so jealous of zipline, rapelling, snorkeling adventures!

Chance said...

This would have been my favorite day!! Now I want to go, but I wont because of the last picture, DANGER!

Allred Mom said...

Alright! I'm at 40 stars!
And, you have been busy wearing all those swimsuits you bought and having fun, too! Way to go!

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