Day Five ...

Today was our chill today. Amy had to catch a flight to Italy (tough, I know) in the afternoon and so we stayed at the resort.

Amy and I started off our day by getting a massage! Horrible picture of me, but it documents the massage. Live with it.

Yeah, I told you it was bad. :)

We then went to ... happy hour! Notice how the bar is in the pool!

Needlessly to say, they were non-alcoholic. But you should have seen me freak out when we got them. I smelled it like 10 times and kept asking, "Are we sure they're non-alcoholic?" Wow, looking back at it, that was probably the happiest hour of the entire trip. (That's a lie. It was fun, but not as fun as other stuff.)

Amy then headed off to Italy. Pff.

Brady, Alexis, and I decided to heaBoldd to the beach. They curled up with some books and I ... I had a Runner's World magazing. Of course. :)

After 45 minutes or so (this is where I got FRIED) I went to check my e-mail to check in with home. This is when I learned my dad was in the hospital. They had considered a triple bi-pass surgery. However, they tried putting in stints first (five of them). By Sunday he was at Church and Monday he was at work. He is what my high school cross country coach would call a, "Trooper!"

Brady and I went to a Mexican Fiesta later that night.

There was one cool thing about the fiesta. It was him:

But the rest of it left Brady and I feeling like this:

Can you see the sunburn? Ouchie.

End of the day. Word.

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