Off to Cancun!

If the poll question to the right wasn't indication enough, Chance has been practically begging/demanding I not go to Cancun (as is my mom ... who, while I was praying that my passport would come, was praying it would not).

Evidently, there is some unruliness going on in Mexico. Some things such as abductions, rape, and kidnapping of US Citizens. Yeah, so much that the United State Government has put out ... oh, an alert.

Just so you know, I have every intention of making it back to the United State of America on April 12, 2009 ... after all, if nothing else, I have a blog to maintain. But if not ... Em has been given my blog account information so all my 3.7 faithful blog readers can know about my untimely death or disappearance. I would imagine she would update about funeral/memorial services as well.

Perk: you all will finally be able to read my obituary I've written.

Unperk: I am pretty sure blogging is not an acceptable use of time in Heaven (or Hell, take your pick on where I'll go. If you get it right 73,98,387 golden stars to you).

Important matters to discuss before I go ...

1. In the tragic event of my death or disappearance, do I have any volunteers to write up the Cobblestone Ward newsletter for May? I am certain they can find someone to replace me before June ... But I'd hate to leave them high and dry for next month.

2. For me to text or call people while in Cancun is going to cost me one billion dollars. However, it is free for me to read your texts. Please text away. Even if I don't respond back. You may get one surprise text from me, but that would be all. The only person who will receiving more than one text is my brother-in-law. He will receive a daily text that reads, "Yes, I am still alive. No, I have not been killed or turned into a white slave ... yet." He doesn't know this yet, but it is his duty to report back to the rest of my family so they know.

3. While running errands today I caught something in the corner of my eye ... Something I have dreamed about. Literally. Pink luggage. Do I need luggage? Not technically. I don't own any (unless you count my USU Track & Field duffel bag). I've always just used my parents' or my sister-in-law's if necessary. So, I put an end to that. I bought the pink luggage. And I couldn't be happier. (Okay, lie. I could be happier if I had bought the pink luggage and had gotten married today.)

4. I'm bringing back souvenirs for all who request. Given, I will have to know you want one before I leave (I will last check my blog at 6:40am Sunday morning).

5. Not Cancun related, but my two adorable nephews keep begging me to have a baby ... A little girl to be exact ... So they can have a sister. How adorable.

6. I mailed off my second letter to President Monson today.

7. Adam is assigned to making my, "In Memory of Mindy Marie ..." Facebook group in case I die.

And, yeah. I think that sums it all up.

Peace out, peeps! I will think of you fondly while I am chillin' here:


Ruth and Kyle Emmett said...

I am so jealous. Have Fun!

Rhonda said...

Mexico sounds really great right about now. Have so much fun!!! And I hope there are no problems with your safety and all. Good luck!

Krystal said...

1. Yes, Chance rigged the poll; 2. his concerns are NOT valid (I voted, but of course his YES votes outweigh my ONE!) 3. I would love a souvenir, and 4. I would be happy to write the Cobblestone newsletter for you in the unfortunate chance that you die while on vacation.

HAVE FUN! Hope it's great! Take lots of wonderful pictures... I look forward to enjoying it through you while I work on my blasted final this week!

Adam R. said...

With the deepest sympathies, I would fulfill my duty. However, I predict you will return ALIVE (you might be harmed, but you'll be alive)!

So, good times.

Word verification today: racter

Whitney said...

oh! have so much fun. cancun is a such a wonderful place!

Marina said...

I love that you love pink. I need some pink luggage! I hope you had fun in Cancun! It's a perfect time of year to go, I am excited to see pictures and hear about your adventures.

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