Teetering with being unethical ...

Request: Stick with me on this one, k?

I have a roommate. She likes a boy whom we will call "Owen."

Owen was interested in roommate, but became more interested in "Ella."

Ella is interested in Owen, but it is believed she can be swayed elsewhere. With classes ending, Ella will go home to Idaho.

Roommate also knows a boy named "Luke." Luke is a super-attractive man. Luke will also happen to be in the same town of Idaho as Ella for a bit.

Roommate and Mindy are toying with the idea of setting up Luke and Ella while they are both in Idaho (read as: while Ella is away from Owen!).

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being "You'll both burn in hell!" ... How bad would it be to make sure Ella's and Luke's paths cross while they are in Idaho?

I mean, it's not like we are making them date each other. Just introducing them to each other. And whatever happens, happens.

Ya know? What think ye?


How could I forget?!

Oh, my gosh!

I forgot about Earth Day yesterday!

How dare I post something as trivial and inconsequential as being a home-wrecker?

Now, I know this may surprise most of you ... but I was inspired yesterday and ... I am going green.

How so?

I am going to save on packaging ... From now on, I solemnly promise to never buy peanut M&Ms in packaging weighing under five pounds.

Yes, I will sacrifice for our earth, our planet, our home.

How will YOU go green?

Today is the day we celebrate not only the birth and death of William Shakespeare, but my favorite brother-in-law's birth as well. Happy birthday, Shteve. P.s. Don't wrinkle it, Shteve. I want it for the scrapbook (if anyone can tell me what movie that line is from, 40 gold stars).

Also, one of my BFFs is graduating from BYU today! Congrats, Chancey-poo!


Bryan vs. Brian ...

So, I have a friend who has finished all of his classes and is just waiting to graduate tomorrow. He indicated to me that he has an unusual amount of spare time right now and due to this has acquired a small addiction to blog checking.

Now, most good friends would not accommodate an addiction of any sort. But, notice how I will.

So, here's the story of the day:

What you need to know ...

Bryan: my friend whom I met at EFY in 2006. In December he moved up to Logan (after living in Provo) for his new job.

Brian: my BFF's friend, married, soon-to-be daddy and living in Salt Lake. Someone I have never met, never talked to, had only heard about, yet I've had his number for an undisclosed purpose. Since I have never called him/used his number, he definitely doesn't have my number in his phone.

This is the text I sent ...

"Sunday dinner? :)"

Isn't it awkward when you invite Brian over instead of Bryan?

I cannot help but wonder how many other texts I have sent this poor man. Sigh. A definite motivation to start putting last names into my contact info.

All I can say is this: I am truly not a home-wrecker. And I do not and will not make a habit out of inviting married men over for dinner. I promise.

Oh, and Bryan is moving back to Provo. Probably because I was a horrible friend and he never got any of my invites to Sunday dinner.

Curse me for being a home-wrecker.

Update from yesterday: thank you for your fabulous comments. However, I will be unable to use them. I'm wondering if this elusive story is blog worthy. Let me know if you want to hear it.



That is how I feel about attempting to blog about Cancun. What pictures should I post? Should I post it by activities or day by day? Am I going to bore people out of their minds? Does every photo need a caption? How many views of the Chitzen Itza Temple does the average reader want to see?

AH! The potential overwhelmingness is ... well, overwhelming.


P.s. There were four mishaps on the vaycay. All of which will be discussed at some point. One of which will be discussed now. Old, leathery-tan man in a speedo and sneakers with socks. If that isn't a mishap, I don't know what is. (Fortunately, no photo documentation.)

So, folks ... fasten your seat belts, keep your arms, legs, and kidneys inside the ride at all times and I think we're ready to go!

Day One ...

Here we are on the way to our Resort. The people you will need to know (okay, let's be honest, you don't need to know who they are, but I am going to tell you anyway. A quiz for points may or may not appear at a later date) ... Amy: red hair, first met at EFY in 2006, was my roommate while I lived in Provo. Behind Amy, Brady: met in our student ward many years ago, we have been roommates in Logan for about a year now. Next to Brady, Alexis: Brady's friend. I don't really know her. Even now, after having a spent a week with her. Seriously.

And don't worry, already enter mishap #1. I step off the plane, and unlike the T-mobile associate assured me, I did not receive service my entire stay in Mexico (don't worry, I tried up until the moment I got on the plane to come home). So, picture this. Mindy. One week. Mindy one week without being able to text. AH! Nightmare of all nightmares. Anyway, I got over it ... (as you can clearly see). But onward with the story ...

So, we get to our resort (which was gorgeous - more pictures of it to come) around 6:00pm, check-in and decide to check out the pool and the beach.

Prepare yourselves for a picture overload.

(Can you see the moon?)

Fair warning: we may notice that we got a tad obsessed with this cute little dock/thingy-ma-jig. If you have a better name for it, five golden stars for you. :)
The night ended with ordering room service (pizza - it was delicious!) and then we went to bed. We had to prepare ourselves for a really tough week of chillin' at the resort, pool, and beach. :)

Day Two ...

On our way to breakfast ...

We ate breakfast at this gorgeous restaurant on the resort.

We freaked out a bit when we saw our bill:
But then we remembered it was in pesos, and everything was okay again. :)

So, it was off to the pool and beach we went (okay, honestly, we rode a taxi to Playa del Carmen to get some groceries at Walmart first, but we didn't take pictures of that. Come on, Walmart is Walmart in any country).

And remember how I said we got a tad obsessed with the dock/thingy? I.was.not.lying ...

(We have three times as many photos with this crazy docky/thingy. But I think you get the idea. Also, I feel like when I put comments in parenthesis, it's like I am whispering ... Or like it is a side note to everything else. Mm-k?)

Then we were on our way to dinner ...

The above shot was when Amy was fiddling with her camera so she could actually take a picture of these:

She also took the below picture, which I think just looks cool and seems sooo Cancun-ish. :)

The next photo, I didn't know was being taken. I like that it shows the cute restaurant though, that was on the beach front. Outside the doors you could see the ocean. It was like off a movie or something.

And then below is for Adam. You cannot see it in the photo, but the butter is from New Zealand! Yay. Perfect.

(Pretend I don't look like it's a million degrees with 394898% humidity.)

After dinner we went to a "Beach Party" hosted by the resort. We figured it'd involve lots of Tequilla and other festivities we wouldn't be able to engage in so we just went to look for a minute.

As soon as we got there they were asking for all the single ladies to come to the middle and form a circle:

This is when the announcer man was teaching the single ladies how to dance. He did so by using phrases such as, (please read in a Mexican accent), "Make circles with your hips. Sexy, sexy circles - rapido!" And, "Don't mind the rain, in Cancun it rains Tequilla!" and concerning the circle, "It's like the mafia, once you get in - you can't get out!"

Unfortunately, we didn't participate. We just watched for about 7.8 minutes from the sidelines:

We then headed back to our room when we encountered mishap #2.

Evidently we had left our safe unlocked and the maid saw it was open when she came to turn down our beds (yes, she came in every night to turn down our beds!). We had a note on our door telling us of our mishap and that we had to call for it to be fixed. 30 minutes later, we were in. So not a huge mishap, but nonetheless a mishap.

P.s. Sunburn free still at this point. Yee-haw!

Day Three ...

Where do I even begin? The day to visit Chitzen Itza - Mayan ruins.

Absolutely amazing doesn't even begin to describe the experience. Had we flown down to Mexico just for this day, and flown right back to Utah - it would have been worth it!

We decided to do a LDS tour as to get as much information as we could ... A Book of Mormon twist if you will. :)

Our tour guide's name was ... Lemuel. Yes. Lemuel. But don't worry. He said, "I don't follow Laman anymore." Hahaha!

Here is Lemuel the Lamanite standing on a city wall ... (literally):

In Mexico, to be a tour guide of the Mayan ruins you have to be certified. Lemuel actually got a degree to become a tour guide. He knew everything one could possibly know about it all. He speaks Spanish, English, French, German, and Mayan. He is also the bishop of one of the Cancun wards.

Now ... let's jump into some pictures (with captions of course):

Here we are in front of the Temple. Visitors used to be able to go up those steep steps and go inside where the Holy of Holies is. However, after one too many visitors plummeted to their death coming down, it is now blocked off. An interesting note: the set up of the Temple and the buildings surrounding that are exactly the same set up as Solomon's Temple in the Old Testament. I wonder how two civilizations on completely different and non-connecting continents could have the exact same sacred rituals ... Hmm. I bet the Book of Mormon would explain this. :)

Some more photos of the temple:

I feel as though in this photo I am standing totally stupid. Don't worry, I did it in most photos while in Mexico. Mexico makes me stand stupid.

Now, people ... you are going to love this next one ...

What building is this?? Basically, this is their Spectrum! It's their athletic arena!

Those are the box seats. :)

Can you guess what they did in this area? This is when the people became naughty and did human sacrifices (as mentioned in some book ... What book? Ohhh, the Book of Mormon). They found hundreds of skeletons here.

Just by the city wall.

Oh, what do we have here:

A road, referred to as a highway because it was a walk-way built high from the ground. Cool.

Hmm ... what else would you like to see from Chitzen Itza? (My Facebook account will have more photos. It just takes too long here.)

I'll put one more ... This is of a building that they are still in the process of restoring. A restoration team comes to Mexico for three months out of every years to work on the ruins. Chitzen Itza alone has over 2,000 structures! It's gonna take a long time to finish that restoring at the rate they are going (P.s. They put every stone back in its original spot!):

After Chitzen Itza, we were off to what is called a cenote ... Oh, I think you are going to like the cenote!

And what do you do in a cenote?

Oh, and did I mention: there is no bottom! They have never been able to find bottom to this cenote!

After playing in the cenote we went to another area of Mayan ruins, Ek Balam. It isn't as popular as Chitzen Itza or Tulum because it doesn't have as many structures and not as many have been restored. However, you are allowed to go in and on the buildings (which you cannot do at Chitzen Itza or Tulum).

This is the entrance to the city ... Just chillin' with Lemuel (now that he is no longer murmuring).

The temple ... And, yes ... I did go to the top of that (can you comprehend the steepness of the stairs? Notice no railings.)

Inside the temple:

To some of you, you will understand the some symbolism with the main statue featured.

And then ...

Notice the original paintings have the figures with lighter colored skin and darker colored skin. If you ask any certified tour guide why the Mayan people (all darker skinned) painted pictures with light and dark skinned people, they don't know the answer. But Lemuel does. Because he reads ... the Book of Mormon.

Remember how I went up the steep, steep, terrifying, rail-less stairs:

Remember how we looked at the view and took pictures at the top:

Remember how I suddenly got a fear of heights on the way back down and was terrified ...

I never knew until this day how much I loved handrails.

This was just an amazing day. I cannot even begin to tell you all the things I learned. There were so many things that testified of the truth of the Book of Mormon. It was extremely spiritual. However, my favorite thing of the day that Lemuel said at the end after all of the evidences of truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was, "I know this Church is true without seeing all of this - and so do you."

And I do.

And that pretty much sums up day two.

P.s. Still sun burnt-less at this time. Shocking, I know.

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