Mindy and the dump ...

Remember how last week I went here?

Remember how that sign should actually read, "RENO ... the biggest DUMP in the world?" Seriously. That sign ... is probably the coolest thing in Reno.

But remember how my entire family is obsessed with USU basketball so we went to the biggest dump in the world to watch our Aggies accomplish this?

That's right, we were conference and tournament champs! Word. But naturally, I have many, many more thoughts to share on my trip than that. So, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

First, the car ride there. Remember how the drive to Reno is the worst.drive.in.the.world? Pure desolation. 

You pass two towns the entire eight hour drive. Two. However, in the middle of this pure desolation, on the side of the interstate is this ...

Remember how, I don't get it ??? Crazy-funky artwork on the side of the road? I repeat: I ... I don't get it. I wish it provided entertainment on the horrific drive. But, no. Just confusion.

Anyway ... The ride continued to Wendover where we stopped for lunch. Remember how Wendover is a dump too? These are our thoughts on the meal that was provided for us ...

A friend texted me right after I had ate lunch. I told him I had just ate the worst meal of my life. He asked what it was. And I said, "Poo. It might as well have been poo." No lie. Remember how this was the day I wish I was bulimic?

Then there was the ...

Remember how I saw this billboard for the Mustang Ranch on my way to Reno and I thought, "World famous? I've never heard of it. Maybe Brady* has. She likes horses."? Remember how at dinner later than night I told my family if we were bored during the day before games that maybe we could check out Mustang Ranch, apparently some super-cool horse facility? Remember how my family mocked me for not knowing it was something else?

Remember how it got really annoying how I kept typing, "Remember how ..." on my blog? Yeah, I'll stop. :)

Our hotel was connected with two others, and between them all the teams' players were staying. So the hotels decked out in WAC team paraphernalia. I got really excited and wanted a picture.

Yeah, my sister couldn't get me and the Utah State banner to fit. Right after this photo was taken a man, who is a complete stranger to me, comes up to me and says, "I want my picture taken!" I say, "With the Utah State banner?" He says, "No! With you!"

I ask him his name. He says James. I say, "Well, okay, James. We can take a picture together - but just don't touch me okay?" James agrees and ...

This is when I say, "James, this is YOU TOUCHING ME." Awkward.

The following day USU played Fresno State in the WAC tournament quarterfinals. Needless to say, USU won (85-68). With such a dominating win, not much to report with the actual game. However, the FSU cheer squad had a unique addition.

A baton twirler {she actually performed at half time and when it comes to baton twirling, she's amazing!}. But really? You have the complete unison of the cheer squad {with uniforms, dances, all moves, etc.} and then a random baton twirler? It.just.didn't.quite.work. But nice try, Fresno.

The brother and the sister after the win. :)

The following day at breakfast I decided to take up beer drinking.

The before and after shots. Mmm... Cervesa. Okay, it was apple juice.

With the little sister, still at breakfast. We ate breakfast at the same little cafe every day in our hotel. I had one small frustration with it ... I could not receive cell phone service while in the restaurant.

On this particular day, we had sat in a new area of the restaurant and while our waitress was serving us our food, my cell phone made a little noise, informing me I had received a text. I was super excited to receive service, read the text and immediately tried to respond. Naturally, the reception went out. Totally focused on my phone the waitress asks, "Is there anything else I can get you?" And in perfect-horrible Mindy timing I yell at my phone, "The service here is HORRIBLE!"

Oops, oops, oops! My parents informed me afterwards that the waitress pulled a sad face and walked away. Oops. {10 gold stars if you have any stupid stories like unto this one that make me feel better.}:)

As if that wasn't bad enough, I broke the law.

Basketball game that night, against the feisty New Mexico State Aggies ... Don't worry, we won 71-70 with a shot made with three seconds left. Intense of all intenseness. Yup.

Too bad they cleared the score off right as we took the picture. Oh, well. :) {If you are still with me at this point, 20 golden stars to you! And if you can tell me who shot the game winning shot, 20 more!}

The following day before the game we were able to see some interesting things ... I refer to this section as:


A movie titled, "The God of Hell" ... Uhm, I am pretty sure that's Satan. But, whatev. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go watch it.

And then, also a favorite, only in Reno ...

Yup. An establishment called, "Filthy McNasty's." Wow. Nice.

Before the championship game against Nevada, we went to dinner. I wouldn't say my family are picky eaters, we're not. However, we know what we like and what we don't like. Each order was definitely unique and the waitress, Marie, made mention of hoping she got it all right.

When she brought the food out to us she double-checked to make sure everything was right. When we informed her it was she said, and I quote word for word, "One gold star for Marie."

Yes, Marie! One gold star for you! {I don't know that man ordering, I just had to get a photo of Marie.}

So, to the game it was. Utah State University Aggies against the University of Nevada -Reno Wolf pack on their own home court for the WAC championship and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Dun, dun, dun!

One of my favorite parts of the night was a performance by the Nevada cheer squad. I dare you to not pay attention to the male cheerleader in front. 

Now, before we go on, it's time for a little lesson on Reno, Nevada. I read an article about two years ago about Reno. The city has more rapists per capita than anywhere else in the nation. One in every 15 males in Reno, Nevada are sex offenders. Soooo, with that statistic in mind, here is a photo of the Nevada fans ...

Kinda like find Waldo?? ;)

Poor little Nevada fan ... Doesn't understand the concept between number one and number two.

And then, my new favorite cheer ever.

A few more photos after the win ...

All in all, a fantastic trip! Yes, Reno is a DUMP, but Aggie basketball made it worth it!

* Brady is my roommate who does like horses. She did not know what the Mustang Ranch is. DO YOU?


USU went on to play Marquette in the NCAA yesterday. We put up a tough fight and lost by one. :( Sigh. Seven more months until USU basketball season starts up again. My sentiments exactly, Stew. :(


Krystal said...

*20 gold stars for Krystal... read the entire post top to bottom :) (do I get an extra gold star for being the first commenter?)

Also, for an additional 20 stars, I believe TN made the game winning shot (names not listed so as not to give anyone else a hint!)

As for the waitress story, I'm sure I've done something unintentionally rude before... actually, most of the time it's on purpose because I'm just plain rude!

whitneybb said...

I like this post and all the pictures..You are the ultimate Aggie Basketball supporter! Love ya girl!

Allred Mom said...

Okay...I get the 40 stars!
I, too, read the entire post!
And TN did make the last shot.
(His opposite last name: Oldhumble!)
I think I should also get extra stars since I grew up in Nevada and anytime I went to Reno, I had to pass by the infamous "Mustang Ranch"...which now only is a museum! If it makes you feel better, I once had someone ask me if it was a place where they kept all the Mustang cars!
And, yes, "The biggest little city in the world" has lots of problems! Did you know that is a new sign? As the old one was bought by the town of Willits, Ca and they fixed it for their town! Small world!

Adam R. said...

Ha ha...what a great way to catch up on your life. P.S. When I went to Reno with the Stevens, I saw the huge ball thingee and wondered the same thing! Ha ha...that's why we're friends.

Adam R. said...

By the way, nobody is *ever* going to be able to beat your brother in the stars contest. Is he disqualified?

JK. I really do love your brother--I'm simply asking an important question.

P.P.S. The computer is asking me to verify the following word: nerego

I was momentarily dyslexic and thought it said something else. Ha ha.

Meg said...

Another 20 stars for me, I read the whole post. How could I not? It's so entertaining. :)

Mike said...

1. The James thing happened to Emily when we were in Las Vegas! This totally random guy wanted to get his picture taken with her, it was odd.
2. Filthy McNasty's is an awesome name.
3. Forty gold stars! I read the entire post and I know that Tyler Newbold hit the 12 footer to win. That brings my total up to 144! Wow!

jill said...

Yay! remember how we didn't see each other even 1 time the whole time, in the littlest dump in the world!?!?! Random. I can answer all your questions, b ut they have been answered.


Avree said...

I read the entire post, please reward me appropriately.

LOVE that you took a picture outside Filthy McNasty's. Can you imagine actually walking inside a place with a name like that? Gross.

I'm surprised that you broke the law. I expected more of you, I really did.

Chelsea said...

Mindy... so I think I know your problem about the smile box problem. See, I am cheep and don't want to pay for the slideshows, so it automatically opens to a new window and plays it there. Sorry for the inconvencience.

The life of a college girl said...

Pretty sure I just read the entire post and I laughed the whole way through! Only Mindy could tell a good story like that. The guy that scored the last shot, Tyler Newbold, it was good. I watched the game on Fri, they played hard, some of the calls were crap, maybe next year.... so that makes 40 points for me!!! Hooray!!!!!

Jules said...

That video of the male dancer is incredible! HAHA and so is that picture of Stew. haha

Brandon and Erica said...

oh my gosh. Your Reno recap was seriously entertaining. We are going to Reno in September (completely not voluntarily), and all I have to say is, I am booking a place at Filty McNasty's. For sure.

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