Remember when ...

I thought this:

was from him:

But it was really from him:

Wow. At least that wasn't awkward for any of the parties involved! :)

So, let it be said that, I am extremely grateful for him:

for being so stinkin', insanely thoughtful and for this:

And, I'm extremely thankful for him:

for the 101 + reasons he's already aware of. :)

Again, I am sooo pleased no awkwardness was involved in this entire process.


P.S. These photographs might incline one to believe that EFY counselors are not normal. And I want it to be known that ... it's true. We're not. :) But in the same breath, we sure know how to have fun!! :)


Krystal said...

what a sweet Chance you have... he's a keeper! :)

Allred Mom said...

Now could you get him to update his blog????? :-)

I'm glad you got a smile today!

Bailey Family said...

Love the Reno post! I am so happy that you went to Reno to support our aggies. I would have loved to go! I actually lived in Reno for 3 months while my husband worked over there. OH it was a fun place let me tell you. I mostly just went swimming and scrapbooked all day. I loved the post though lots of fun stuff to read!

Mike said...

I swear, there is some sort of rule that Adam and Chance must always have one more gold star than me, because I never see them claim their stars. :-)

DeeAura said...

Hey, I bet it was Chance.

Brandon and Erica said...

seriously...you can't be so vague in your posts. Especially when you end like that.

Elaborate, NOW!

Chance said...

I cant take the credit for this one!

Meg said...

Just how much do you charge? I may be interested. :)

The blog title isn't helping up here much just yet, we've got about 10 inches of snow on the ground. I hear from Lil that it isn't quite that bad down there. Maybe it's working for you. :)

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