Clouded mind ...

I am blaming most of today's events on a clouded mind. I haven't slept much in the past 48 hours and I think I am coming down with a cold. I cannot decide what I dislike more, the stuffy nose {and not being able to breathe through one nostril at times} or the scratch in the back of my throat that might emerge as a sore throat.


I decided to take the day off work. Annnd, what I did with my time, I will not be held accountable for. I took some Dayquil and ... well, that should explain it.

I spent some time watching TV ... and not just any station, but Lifetime. Yes, Lifetime. And not only was I watching Lifetime, I watched a Danielle Steele movie. Did you miss the aforementioned part that said I will not be held accountable for today?

Sigh. I experienced the totality of brain rot today. Seriously. Let me just share a brief summary of the story line.

Girl has awful haircut, poor relationship with mother, gets abused in college, has a best guy friend who is in love with her but she doesn't love back, becomes a lawyer, best friend gets shot and become paralyzed, best friend declares love for her again, he is rejected again, girl falls for best friend's estranged dad, girl breaks up with estranged father as not to hurt best friend, best friend falls for nurse, they buy a house, have a baby, and get married (in that order), girl falls for divorcee at work - who it turns out isn't so much of a divorcee at all and declares, "I love two women!", girl breaks up with deceiving non-divorcee, becomes a judge, non-divorcee wants her back, and best friend has kidney failure and dies.

THEN: in the final six minutes - girl meets new man, patches up rocky relationship with mother, and has a five-year-old girl. In the LAST six minutes!!!

Hold on, wait ... WHAT?!

What kind of GARBAGE is this!? The only way this storyline could have been any worse is if a deer was involved!! Seriously. Those are two hours of my life that I will never get back! Nevah!

The only connection I care to have with Lifetime in the future is if by some tragic event I end up dead in a gutter, I know Lifetime would make a movie about it. The only question is ... who would play me??

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!!


Would anyone be interested in hearing my thoughts on the holiday? Let me know. :)


The Enslingers said...

Oh yes. Please share your thoughts on the lovely holiday of Valentines Day.


P.S. In Lifetime's defense, they do have the awesome show of Unsolved Mysteries (or at least used to. Didn't you watch that with me?) Awesome. Pure Awesome cheesiness with fake ghosts, creepy host, and all. :)

Happy V-Day! :)

Alison said...

I too would like to hear your thoughts.

thank you very much.

Allred Mom said...

I'm very anxious for your VALENTINE thoughts!
And...more importantly, I do hope you fell better soon! That is not a good way to spend Valentines day, or the day before which happens to be Friday the 13th! (Case in point....why my husband is out on protecting the streets tonight on his day off! Grumble, grumble!)

Avree said...

So what's wrong with that plot, sounds very interesting! :) I would like to hear your thoughts on Valentines Day, I like to hear your thoughts on most things because they are usually entertaining thoughts. Happy V-Day!

Krystal said...

I hope you get feeling better... I have been without a voice since Wednesday... such a fun way to spend Valentines Day! However, my two sick days were not nearly as fun as yours... I couldn't ever find anything good on TV! Obviously I was sick on the wrong day!

Cam + Haley said...

Lifetime Network is like a bad car wreck.... You know you shouldn't look, and you know it's going to be awful, but once you look- a trance comes over you. You're not really watching the movie, but you can't help but look away.

Hope your Valentine's was fantastic!

Linze Kate said...

I have been sick for awhile now too... sucks. I took last Wed. off work and luckily our school has this week off... I hope you're feeling better now! *muah*

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