This one is for all Aggies ...

What do you get when two former USU basketball players create a food establishment in Logan, Utah?

That, my friends, is creativity at its finest. Need I say more? I think not.


This toilet is located in Yummi Tummi's, a yogurt shop opened up by former players, Nate Harris and David Pak. Feel free to check this toilet and more:

Tummi Yummi's.
101 East 1400 North Suite 101
Pinecrest Shopping Center
{Near Cafe Rio and Little Ceasar's}


Thanks, but no thanks ...

One of my roommates and I finally decided to start attending a family ward.

No, this doesn't mean I have given up on finding a husband.

Family ward ... awesome. In Sunday School there are usually three people under the age of 40. The rest are senior citizens. Daniel* said, "Oh, that's perfect! You sit with the senior citizens at Aggie basketball games and now you can sit with them at Church too!" It is awesome. {P.S. Stop mocking, you hater ... just because you have to stand the entire game.}

Anyway, everyone is super friendly. Love the ward. Love the crying babies, the awkward 12-year-olds passing the Sacrament and the little-ones who share their testimonies on Fast Sunday.

However: enter flaw number one. My roommate and I got a call from the Primary president this week. She wanted to meet with us after Church. Naturally, she can't give us callings, so we were a bit curious as to what she wanted.

Just looking at her, she looked super nice and maybe in her mid-fifties. So far, not so bad. But then she spoke. First sentence, "Hi, my name is Pat** and I am single and never have been married either!"

Ugh! AG! AH! WHAT?!

I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Bishop and Pat ... thinking that a little chat with a single-for life woman would help ease me into the family ward and the single life {as if I just entered it by entering a family ward}.


And that is one large ghetto, junk-in-the-trunk BUT ...



Ahem. Let's recompose ourselves.

Dear Bishop and Pat:

Thanks. But no thanks.


Mindy M. Thornley _________

{I will fill in that blank when I get married.}


*For those of you who don't know, Daniel is my BFF. Yes, even after the tragic M&M incident. P.S. After he stole them, he went home for the weekend. I was very unhappy about not being able to have M&Ms at work and informed him of this late Sunday evening. He had no intention of returning to Logan until Monday sometime. Buuuut, he drove all the way from West Jordan to Logan {1.75 hours-ish} at midnight, only to wake up at 7:00am to give me my M&Ms at work first thing in the morning. Sure, he shouldn't have taken them in the first place, but way to make up for it, Mr. Roberts.

**Remember, Pat is the name I have decided to use for anyone who I want to keep anonymous. Aren't androgynous names superb?


Awkward ...

Awkward is when you accidentally attend a couples-only fireside on "Strengthening Your Marriage."

Welcome to my Sunday night.

And I didn't realize it until during the opening prayer. At which point I just started laughing. And a little too late to leave without bringing too much attention to myself.

To make matters worse, the speaker knew me. Knows me very well. Knows I don't have a current marriage to strengthen.

However, I'd like to take this time to thank my brother, Brandon for the beautiful sapphire ring he gave me for my 16th birthday ... Because I kid you not when I took it off my right hand and immediately put it on my left.

Phew. I fit in.

The end.


Valentine's Day. Word.

Today marks the one year anniversary of this day last year. Surprise!

Are you prepared to read the most bitter diatribe of all bitter diatribes on this commercialized and exploited holiday? I mean, every where you look is something Valentine's Day related. It almost makes people send flowers to their ex's just because the ads are so persistent!

Sooo, let the bitterness begin!

Just kidding .... I, Mindy Marie Thornley, am past my mid-twenties, am single, belong and live in the LDS culture where everyone I know over age 22 is married, and I do not hate slash despise slash loathe or even dislike this holiday. In other words: I think this holiday is FAN-STINKIN-TASTIC.

First of all, I love anything that promotes chocolate. I try not to over indulge often. Okay, that's a lie. I have chocolate milk for breakfast every day and go through a large bag of peanut M&M's every week or so ... But today is the day that says the amount of chocolate I consume is actually okay. On Valentine's Day, I try to have chocolate at every meal and so far, I am two for two. I consider this a success. And I am pleased.

Secondly, I think it's extremely unfortunate that this holiday gets a bum rap. Because for the first ten or so years of your life - YOU liked it! I dare any of you to tell me you didn't love making {or if you were like me, having your mama make you} the little Valentine's Day box for elementary school. You'd sit that baby out on your desk and by day's end, you'd have 20-30 little goodies left for you! That is what we call - FANTASTIC. Seriously, I wish every day I went home with 30 goodies.

But, wow, after fifth-grade ... Enter the Valentine's Day haters. I think it's because there was no longer a guarantee you'd get something. Well, welcome to the approximately 362 other days of the year {minus Christmas and your birthday}. Come on folks, what's one more? :)

Being single on Valentine's Day is not equally as bad as being shot execution style {at least I don't think it is, having never been shot execution style I could be wrong}. But honestly, I don't need a special day to remind me that I am single. If I chose to, I could be a masochistic foo' and do that every day of my life. But I am not a masochistic foo', so I don't. :)

Absurd. Absurd is when people think that Valentine's Day exists only to celebrate one kind of love. And I refuse to be absurd. You, well, you may do as you wish. Feel free to be absurd. But for me, any day that reminds us to celebrate the people we love in our lives is A-OK in my book and will be celebrated {primarily by me eating chocolate, but celebrated nonetheless}.

Now, I think this pretty much sums up my thoughts ... And if not, well ... that's too bad. I have to go finish celebrating my Valentine's Day with the USU men's basketball team. Woot! Woot!

Remember, your mom loves you, Jesus loves you, and for most of you reading this, I love you! ;)


Even though I am not a Valentine Day Hater, I heart that photo above. :) And secondly, a shout out to my brother-in-law. Men: take a lesson from him. He always gets not only his wife a gift, but my mom, my other sister, and me gifts too - EVERY YEAR! Here was last year's .


Clouded mind ...

I am blaming most of today's events on a clouded mind. I haven't slept much in the past 48 hours and I think I am coming down with a cold. I cannot decide what I dislike more, the stuffy nose {and not being able to breathe through one nostril at times} or the scratch in the back of my throat that might emerge as a sore throat.


I decided to take the day off work. Annnd, what I did with my time, I will not be held accountable for. I took some Dayquil and ... well, that should explain it.

I spent some time watching TV ... and not just any station, but Lifetime. Yes, Lifetime. And not only was I watching Lifetime, I watched a Danielle Steele movie. Did you miss the aforementioned part that said I will not be held accountable for today?

Sigh. I experienced the totality of brain rot today. Seriously. Let me just share a brief summary of the story line.

Girl has awful haircut, poor relationship with mother, gets abused in college, has a best guy friend who is in love with her but she doesn't love back, becomes a lawyer, best friend gets shot and become paralyzed, best friend declares love for her again, he is rejected again, girl falls for best friend's estranged dad, girl breaks up with estranged father as not to hurt best friend, best friend falls for nurse, they buy a house, have a baby, and get married (in that order), girl falls for divorcee at work - who it turns out isn't so much of a divorcee at all and declares, "I love two women!", girl breaks up with deceiving non-divorcee, becomes a judge, non-divorcee wants her back, and best friend has kidney failure and dies.

THEN: in the final six minutes - girl meets new man, patches up rocky relationship with mother, and has a five-year-old girl. In the LAST six minutes!!!

Hold on, wait ... WHAT?!

What kind of GARBAGE is this!? The only way this storyline could have been any worse is if a deer was involved!! Seriously. Those are two hours of my life that I will never get back! Nevah!

The only connection I care to have with Lifetime in the future is if by some tragic event I end up dead in a gutter, I know Lifetime would make a movie about it. The only question is ... who would play me??

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!!


Would anyone be interested in hearing my thoughts on the holiday? Let me know. :)


Dear Mom:

I love you. Very much.

But please, stop giving away all of the comfortable couches in the house. I no longer know where to lay down when I come to visit if I want to take nap or watch Smallville.

So far I have concluded that laying on the floor over the heater with a blanket is the most comfortable spot remaining. But Mom, laying on the floor should never be the most comfortable spot.

Please, please reconfiscate the couch ... by force, if necessary.


Mindy Marie

Toilets & Marriage

This is how Chance earned more gold stars ...


Another reason why Mindy is not married ... Guys don’t like to marry girls who wear clothes that are washed in the toilet, or like to sit on the ground next to a filthy nasty toilet. You might want to remember that!



Does anyone wonder how my bath towel and shirt got in the toilet??? Chance is naughty. But entertaining. :)


Okay ...

Soooo, here they are ... the potential reasons why I just might not be married.

Any questions?

Yeah. I didn't think so.

10 golden stars for anyone who has other photographed documentation of why I might not be married. And one gold star for any other reason you can come up with ... Two gold stars for each reason I like and five for any reason that makes me laugh.
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