Oh, deer!

For those of you who think my fear is irrational, stop your mocking and click there --> CURSE THE FILTHY BEASTS!! My deepest sympathies go out to Steve and Jessica for having to live my greatest fear.

Secondly: I demand to know who the following people are:

Susan R.

Who are you people? Where did you come from? How did you find my blog? Do I know you and just don't remember you? Don't think of this as an interrogation ... Think of it is as me reaching out to you, a stranger, in complete warmth and kindness. :)

And thirdly, another entertaining moment at work ... A client came into my office area the other morning, having just arrived. His roommate, also another client, was on his way in, but a few feet back. As client #1 enters he says, "Mindy, watch out! Pat* is in a baad mood! He might call you a B-A-C-H!"

How dare he!? I'm so insulted! No one should ever be compared to that 18th century composer! How rude! (P.s. Did you know he had 20 children!? No, not my clients, but B-A-C-H).

And since every blog post should have a photo, here's the loathsome composer:

He's so chill.

*Pat is not actually the name of my client. I think from now on I am going to refer to all people whose names I cannot or prefer not to share as Pat ... Plus, it's gender ambiguous. Perfect.


Mike said...

I'm still owed like six stars.

Matt and Avree said...

Mindy, as always you crack me up, and then, just as I was clicking on the comment button I noticed on the "Golden Stars" area the "Everyone else: 0" and for some reason it struck me funny and I laughed out loud. It scared Spencer.

Krystal said...

I love you. That's all! You crack me up. I'm glad you're not B-A-C-H. Hilarious!!

The life of a college girl said...

Mindy how you make me laugh!!! I love it!!!! I really think you need to come and work in my office, you would have a hay day! ;) Love your guts! Oh and I am with Mike, I think I need a few more stars, I have gotten some of the polls right!

jill said...

How dare he insult you like that! B-A-C-H, now really that shouldn't be necessary!!

Maureen said...

Hi Mindy, this is Sheena. I am under Maureen's blog name though. What have you been up to these days? You are always so much fun, we should get together!!! email me at:
Talk to you soon!

steve & jessica said...

I hope the filthy beasts stay away from you. I had never thought of them as beasts in the past, but now...(I must say, I try to watch the road sides a lot more closely now, even though we really couldn't have done anything about the last deer.)

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