Soo ...

been thinking.

I should probably get married some day.

I've come up with a couple reasons why {in no particular order}:

1. I will never have to worry about finding a roommates again.

2. I won't be ridiculously taken advantage of by the IRS with taxes.

3. I will have someone to call and cry to if one of the fifthly beasts finally gets me and Wilson.

4. I can rename my blog to hubby'snameandmindy.blogspot.com.

5. And, of course, most importantly, I will finally be able to fill out a husband-tag.

Annnd, yeah ... Those are the only reasons I've got so far. If I missed anything, forsurely let me know. :)


In my next post, I think I will be discussing why I am probably not married yet. I know you all look forward to that. :)


Mike said...

What in the world is a husband-tag? Is that some way that women mark their territory that I don't know about, like those clips they put in animals' ears to track their behavior?
One gold star for Aggies and tugging jerseys please. :)

BreAna Palmer said...

you are so funny Mindy. I love all your posts. Enjoy the single life while you can. lol.

Linze Kate said...

Nope... I think you get em' all. :)

P.S. My vote was India... ? How do you find that out?

Avree said...

Mindy, you still get taken advantage of by the IRS, you have to have a baby to stop that. One other advantage of being married is having someone to take out the trash, but I think you hit all the rest.

Krystal said...

I think you should rename your blog to "hubby'snameandmindy.blogspot.com" right now... that's funny! Also... there is one reason you forgot. But I'm not going to say it. Oh, but I did think of a good one - you will always have a date for true aggie night :)

AND... if you ever need a guest author for a chapter in your psycho book, I would be glad to write one! My last great date said to me: "You seem really smart, right" (b/c I mentioned having a 4.0 in grad school), "so why are you a teacher?" WHAT?!?! DATE OVER!!! Jerk...

Krystal said...

oh yeah, I voted for the tugging of jerseys too *gold star* :)

Allred Mom said...

Another reason....so trip to Cancun, can be a Honeymoon trip! lol!

Oh, and tugging on the jersey gold star for me! YIPPEE!

Meg said...

Let's see:
The roommate one is very true.
Not so sure about the taxes, kids make a much bigger difference, as already noted.
Hubbies (at least mine) don't really care for being cried to. (It's a shame.)
I thought you didn't like doing tags?

Also, other reasons to add:
It's nice to have someone else along to drive on long car trips.
If you don't know what you want for dinner you can make him decide.
You get a discount on car insurance for being married, if you have enough vehicles you can get a fleet discount, too.

If I think of any more I'll let you know.

Meg said...

Oh, yea, I forgot to claim my last two golden stars for the last two polls. :-)

Jo said...

If 2 different things at the restaurant both sound good, you order one, he orders the other and halfway through you swap. Or if you aren't that hungry one of you orders a meal, the other orders a side or something and you don't have to take home a bunch of leftovers.
(Although you can make this work with a friend... they have to be a REALLY good friend.)

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