Soo ...

been thinking.

I should probably get married some day.

I've come up with a couple reasons why {in no particular order}:

1. I will never have to worry about finding a roommates again.

2. I won't be ridiculously taken advantage of by the IRS with taxes.

3. I will have someone to call and cry to if one of the fifthly beasts finally gets me and Wilson.

4. I can rename my blog to hubby'snameandmindy.blogspot.com.

5. And, of course, most importantly, I will finally be able to fill out a husband-tag.

Annnd, yeah ... Those are the only reasons I've got so far. If I missed anything, forsurely let me know. :)


In my next post, I think I will be discussing why I am probably not married yet. I know you all look forward to that. :)


Oh, deer!

For those of you who think my fear is irrational, stop your mocking and click there --> CURSE THE FILTHY BEASTS!! My deepest sympathies go out to Steve and Jessica for having to live my greatest fear.

Secondly: I demand to know who the following people are:

Susan R.

Who are you people? Where did you come from? How did you find my blog? Do I know you and just don't remember you? Don't think of this as an interrogation ... Think of it is as me reaching out to you, a stranger, in complete warmth and kindness. :)

And thirdly, another entertaining moment at work ... A client came into my office area the other morning, having just arrived. His roommate, also another client, was on his way in, but a few feet back. As client #1 enters he says, "Mindy, watch out! Pat* is in a baad mood! He might call you a B-A-C-H!"

How dare he!? I'm so insulted! No one should ever be compared to that 18th century composer! How rude! (P.s. Did you know he had 20 children!? No, not my clients, but B-A-C-H).

And since every blog post should have a photo, here's the loathsome composer:

He's so chill.

*Pat is not actually the name of my client. I think from now on I am going to refer to all people whose names I cannot or prefer not to share as Pat ... Plus, it's gender ambiguous. Perfect.


Shocking! Shocking, I say!



I want you to know ... I tried super hard to put these in precise order of least shocking to most shocking ... But at one point I kinda just got lazy. Also, if anyone is not referred to by specific name, it means I wanted to keep them anonymous {obviously}. So all of the "he's" are not the same person or all of the "hers" are not the same girl. Got it?

Without further adieu {two points for anyone who makes a drum roll noise on their desk this very moment}...

Mindy's 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2008

{We certainly looked shocked, don't we? And after looking at this photo, I realized "shocked" isn't a good look for me!}

101. Mindy actually made a goal to stop cheating at board and card games.

100. The disposal exploded, sending itsy-bitsy eensy-weensy pieces of broccoli everywhere
99. There were actually TWO Big Blues during the 2007-2008 athletic season.

98. Mindy actually contacted a man who arranges music so she could get sheet music to a song {no, Mindy doesn't have a musical bone in her body}

97. John Deere paraphernalia is actually super-popular to some.

96. After a year, Daren changed his MSN status.

95. Amber Jensen Ogilvie got a Facebook account.

94. Troy actually proposed to a girl.

93. Troy actually followed through with the proposal.

92. Fingers do not fall off after being in -12* temperatures for two hours

91. Weedus owns a Colors CD.

90. NBC showed the entire women’s Olympic marathon. Yes, all two hours and 30 minutes of it.

89. While wearing a pink USU hoodie, holding her pink cell phone, with her pink iPod sitting next to a pink water bottle and pink Tupperware the following thought actually crossed Mindy’s mind, “Maybe I am over-doing it on the pink.”

88. Beijing is not pronounced Bay-shing. It is pronounced: Bay-Jing.

87. Kobe Bryant speaks fluent Italian and Spanish {he obviously speaks fluent English as well, but that isn't shocking}

86. Adam Ruri has a blog.

85. Mindy is considered the “expert” obituary writer in her family.

84. Trent Plaisted got drafted and Jaycee Carroll didn’t.

83. Mindy was in four places at once.

82. In Iowa, 38th street doesn’t come after 37th. No, it comes after 39th.

81. How much birthday cake Mindy ate on Weedus’ birthday. Ew. Gross.

80. How good peanut butter M&Ms really do taste after playing in the ocean.

79. The price of gas averaged over four-dollah per gallon.

78. The words, “Mindy! Let’s go running!” actually came out of Chance Victor Basinger’s mouth.

77. Even though it was six months after that phrase came out of his mouth, Chance actually went running with Mindy.

76. Mindy has a TV in her apartment.

75. That incredibly asinine list!!

74. Mindy ate duck. Ew.

73. Mindy is currently faithfully writing and sending a missionary packages.

72. Mindy has a friend who was envious with her relationship with another friend. This would make more sense to some if names were named, but they clearly aren’t.

71. Mindy didn’t shed one tear during or after being restrained for almost eight hours non-stop.

70. Mindy didn’t quit her job after being restrained for almost eight hours non-stop.

69. Mindy now teaches others how to restrain people. Ugh.

68. Dave kissed Dani before they were engaged.

67. Daniel could run for longer than 10 minutes.

66. Daniel actually now runs on a regular basis and enjoys it. Muwahaha.

65. He kissed her.

64. Mindy now knows how to make perfect paper-snowflakes.

63. Mindy lived in an apartment that had antlers on the living room wall.

62. Chance actually came to Logan, Utah.

61. Adam came to Logan, Utah.

60. Adam and Chance each came separately to visit Mindy in Logan, but within the same week. Shocking and ironic.

59. Laie Falls. :(

58. Marc actually came home to visit.

57. Taxi cab drivers can reject you!

56. Mindy actually thinks the USU football team is going to win 50% of their games next year.

55. President Hinckley passed away.

54. Mindy actually took the pink phone back.

53. In Mindy’s apartment there was a sign that read, “I think his tractor’s sexy.”

52. Mindy didn’t burn nor destroy the sign in her kitchen that said, “I think his tractor’s sexy.”

51. Mindy didn’t even hide the sign in her kitchen that said, “I think his tractor’s sexy.”

50. Mindy now owns the sign that reads, “I think his tractor’s sexy.” It’s hiding in her closet so no one ever has to see it again.

49. Michael Phelps’ win in the 200m butterfly at the 2008 Olympics.

48. Tyson Gay, after being a gold-medal favorite in the 100m didn’t even qualify for the finals at the Beijing Olympics.

47. Dave and Dani started dating.

46. Mindy was domestic and made her co-workers treats for Christmas!

45. Daniel spent four hours helping Mindy make her co-workers treats for Christmas.

44. Chance let Mindy paint the Settlers of Catan pieces pink!!

43. Mindy didn’t get bored on the six-hour plane ride to Hawaii.

42. How difficult it was to carry that TV up to Mindy’s apartment!

41. Mindy’s bank crashed.

40. USU lost to BYU in basketball.

39. Mindy didn’t make one trip to Disneyland this year.
38. Mindy said goodbye to Eddie.

37. Mindy said hello to Wilson.

36. USU scored a touchdown against BYU after BYU had held the previous two team they played {one of which was UCLA} scoreless!

35. USU actually scored two touchdowns against BYU!

34. BYU football went down in the rankings after winning to USU. Hahaha!

33. What naughty Michael Brian Lundberg did at the U of U Institute. Naughty!

32. Weedus ran through the sprinklers on the QUAD at midnight.

31. Mindy actually started a blog {without being married or having children}.

30. Mindy actually updates her blog regularly.

29. People actually read her blog.

28. Mindy was flashed while driving on the freeway at 2:00 AM.

27. Bernard Legat didn’t medal in the 1500m at the Olympics.

26. Bernard Legat didn’t medal in the 5,000m at the Olympics.

25. Bernard Legat didn’t medal at all!

24. Mindy got involved in politics.

23. Mindy went to the Iowa caucus.

22. Mindy knows how to spell caucus.

21. Mindy went to Hawaii.

20. Mindy actually did some campaigning for BYU student government.

19. That one text that one day.

18. For the first time ever, Mindy’s phone actually died from a low battery!

17. A woman {bless her soul} actually agreed to marry “Dach.”
16. Dach got married before Mindy!

15. Dach, for the first time ever, went out of his way to show kindness to Mindy.

14. Chance actually said, “Mindy, you’re right.”

13. One of Mindy’s stalkers showed up, after a two-year hiatus, at her grandma’s viewing.

12. EFY actually had two decent counselor shirt colors in one summer.

11. Dave ate sugar!!! Good job, Dani!!

10. Mindy, the girl obsessed with running, loathed every minute of her marathon training.

9. Daniel drove all the way home from Salt Lake to return the M&Ms at 7:00 AM!

8. Sharon at work.
7. Craig Decker.

6. Mindy considered moving back to Provo.

5. Mindy finally went to New York!

4. Mindy’s new running buddy.

3. Mindy is still not married {I know this may not come as a shock to most of you, but to her it because more shocking year after year.}

2. He’s so much more shallow than Mindy knew

1. Dave said goodbye to Font Girl


Feel free to give yourself one golden star for each shocking moment you appeared in. :)


Just in case you were wondering ...

I am taller than all of the following men.

Yes. All of them. Even Rocky. Who woulda guessed? Now you can see why every hope of ever being a leading actress: shattered.

I'm roughly the same height as these ones.

However, these dudes are taller.

Tom Welling at 6'3", Will Smith at 6'2", John Travolta also 6'2" and Vince Vaughn at 6'5". Although, ever since Domestic Disturbance Vince Vaughn has kinda creeped me out ... Oh, well. Creepy or not, taller is taller.

Pointless post? You bet.


To whom it may concern: I used to be only a fan of insanely TALL men. It would be safe to say that is no longer necessarily true. :)


The enemy ...

That's right, folks. The nasty beasts have now migrated down to my apartment complex. Nightmare of all nightmares when I woke up two mornings ago to hear a little child's voice say, "Look, mommy! Deer tracks!"

I have never really believed myself to be a gun-owning woman. Now might be the time to reconsider.



Five golden stars to anyone who knows why I loathe deer.
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