What is today, again?

Naturally, this post should be wishing you all a merry, joyous Christmas ... blah, blah, blah. But notice how it isn't ... That's the point of the blog header that reads, "Merry Christmas." If you all want the warm fuzzies of such a blog post, visit Mike.

My brother informed me this morning that I hadn't updated in over a week. Oops.


This is awkward.

What to write about?

How about, as a Christmas gift to you, my favorite blog reader, I share with you one of my favorite songs? Some of you may be familiar with some of the songs I have written, "China," "Mexico," and the "Naked Song." It's clearly a talent I have. But did you know it runs in the family?

May this song bring you as much joy as it did for I ...

And of course, depending on exactly how mad you are, you can repeat as needed. Doesn't he look cute in his Christmas sweater-vest? :)

Well. Yeah. That's all I've got. The end. :)


Adam R. said...

Ha ha...the Thornley's love to write wonderful songs. In my mind, you're family is up there with the Osmonds.

Brandon Thornley said...

Booo. You looser.... You posted my secret song, shame on you

Mike Lundberg said...

Still waiting on those two stars...

Krystal said...

Question: How was your christmas? How much snow has fallen in Logan?

Comment: So... I think you only have 9 toenails right now due to the hangnail?

Concern: Are you still able to run with the hangnail?

Thought: I am not very good at scrabble (that's what I'm thinking right now)

Demand: I think I have earned at least 10 stars that have not been awarded yet :o)

Ok, that's all!

Marc and Megan said...

I just wanted to wish you a late merry Christmas. I was in Logan for a couple of days and wondered if I would run into you at some random place like Al's Sporting Goods. I would love to meet you in person... and since I have two siblings who live on either side of Logan (Smithfield and River Heights), then it's likely to happen. And, just because everyone else seems to be mentioning their stars... how many stars would a face-to-face visit earn?? :)

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