New Mexico ...

This is a little over-due. Oops.

This is what you get when you mix a little New Mexico, with the Basingers, with Thanksgiving ... While reading this, if you feel as though you are experiencing a little deja-vu, don't worry. You're not. You're just thinking about THIS post. :)

I got more photos for my "Waiting for Chance" scrapbook ...

Here Lindsay {Chance's sister, in case any of you forgot} and I wait for Chance as he makes arrangements for his windshield to be fixed.

And if you feel you've seen this photo before, you have. Yes, yet again ... we wait in the Walmart Vision Center for Chance to get his contacts. And yes, chocolate milk Chugs are what helped us survive the wait. Fortunately, this time it was only a 20 minute wait, opposed to the two hour wait in May. :)

On the count of three, everyone say, "Hi, Nat!" ... One, two, three: HI, NAT! This is Chance's friend who made the trip to New Mexico with us this year. He is on BYUSA with Chance ... and here Nat and I get to wait for Chance as he is speaking with a 50-year-old man who is in love with Chance. We waited for probably 20 minutes before I decided to practice my stick-shift driving abilities in Chance's car.

Now, let's move onto my second scrapbook that Chance has been an inspiration to create ... The "Die" scrapbook ...

He still continues to find ways to spell out "DIE" for me {the arrow is pointing towards me}. How sweet.

But, for a first time ... He actually did something nice with the Settlers of Catan pieces.

Sometimes he can be a super nice boy! :)

Speaking of the worst game in the world, Settlers of Catan. I think we played it seven or eight times. Poke.my.eyeballs.out. However, something new and exciting happened this trip home.

Lindsay won for her very first time!!! Do you understand what this means!? She beat Chance!!

And also, Chance let me do this:

... paint the white settlements, cities and roads pink! Can you believe it!? What a guy! I heart him ... Oh, minor detail: to do this, I promised I would play Settlers whenever he wanted and be happy about it! Oh, and actually try to be successful at the game. {Hey, what can I say? After losing 39,487,394,873 times, it's tough to try and remain optimistic. I should take lessons from the USU football team.} :)

Look how cute the pink looks!!! :)

Now, this next thing ... you might want to sit down for ... Take in a deep breath. Are you ready?


After years of pestering, he finally took me up on my offer! SHOCKING.

Here we are after! I am still shocked. :)

On Thanksgiving the Basingers always invite the missionaries over for some grub. I've probably met more missionaries while at their home than at any other time. This Thanksgiving was no different ... Except for one minor detail ... We lied to the missionaries! We led them to believe that all of us {Chance, Lindsay, Me, Nat, and Travis [Chance's other friend]} were all siblings! Plus Chance's two brothers who weren't able to make it! The missionaries thought the Basingers had seven kids between the ages of 18-26!! Haha! The missionaries wanted a photo with the Basingers:

I'm so sure you can see the family resemblance that the missionaries did. :) We meant to tell them on Sunday at church that we weren't all siblings ... But the missionaries had brought some investigators and we didn't want them to think Mormons were LIARS! :)

With the missionaries we also played the most amazing game in the world, Ping-Pong Blow. Chance made it up during some of his BYU VP duties {clearly a productive office} ...

It's a little like Scum in the fact that if the ball gets blown off in your section, you have to go all the way back to the last spot ... And everyone tries to get the top spot. Quite possibly one of the most entertaining games I have ever played.

For my second straight Basinger visit in a row, I attempted to be domestic!

Trying to make homemade tortillas!

"Uh, Chance ... I think you have a little somethin'-somethin' right here on your face ..."

And ...

A little Basinger family love! I love these people oh-so much!

Annnd, the end. :)


Krystal said...

first to comment... *gold star* :o)

Also, I voted for deer :o) *star*

Third... I can't wait to get your wedding announcement... I will even drive to Logan for a reception!! (since NM is a little far for me)

Ok, have a happy sabbath.

PS, I think your obsession is Christmas socks (but fuzzy flip flops takes a close second, and is probably right since you love flip flops!)

stephanie said...

I love reading your blogs! By the way I love settlers, I must say I stink at the game, I think my husband has beat me more times then I can count, but I love the game ! I don't think he would be to thrilled if I painted teh houses and roads pink. Maybe I would have better luck!

Mike Lundberg said...

You still owe me 11 gold stars.

Brandon and Erica said...

Okay...my palms are sweaty and my heart is racing. Why?

Exhibit A: Chance leaves you a message that says "I Love you". True Love.

Exhibit B: Chance lets you paint game pieces PINK. True love.

Exhibit C: You go down to the Basinger's for, count it, TWO times now.

Exhibit D: Chance goes running with you. True Love.

Exhibit E: Your friend "Krystal" made a comment about being excited to get your wedding announcement?!?!

Am I out of the loop here? Has Chance ACTUALLY ::finally:: professed his love for your awesomeness?!?

Please, dedicate a post about this. I need info.

Adam R. said...

Ha ha ha. That is hilarious!

Yes Mindy, do tell.

Matt and Avree said...

Looks like fun! I'm anxious for you to get feeling better so we can play!

Krystal said...

lol... oops... didn't mean to start a rumor :o) I'll shut up now!

Cassie said...

Just incase I haven't told you, you are an excellent and very entertaining writer! I love your blog! Hawaii looked wonderful and who's this Chance boy? Also, I have a Christmas card for you but I need your address!Email me: criding@gmail.com

Chance said...

I am interested to hear this, do tell Mindy!

Brandon and Erica said...

Hey, Chance. That is not nice....YOU'RE the one to tell. And if you had a blog, I would tell you that (Maybe you do have a blog?!?)

Allred Mom said...

A gold star for me!!!! Afraid of deer! Here in Cali, they are so small, that there is nothing to be afraid of! Move to Cali! lol Looks like fun was had while in NM! Way to go on the pink! btw....Chance....be nice and you tell!

Linze Kate said...

You always post such fun pictures! I'm glad things seem to be going well for you, love!

P.S. It's weird not seeing Adam in the pics with y'all!

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