Six hours ...

I'm heading to Hawaii this week.


You probably should be.

However, most of you have husbands and babies, so I am jealous of you. ;)


Now we're all even.

And since we have that settled: what on this green earth am I going to do on an airplane for six hours!?

Things I know I could do in six hours {not necessarily on an airplane}:

Run approximately 48 miles.

Watch half a season worth of Smallville episodes.

Be at work, with two hours remaining.

Drive to St. George.

Drive to Provo and back and then watch two episodes of Smallville. :)

Watch three Aggie basketball games.

Go to a temple session - thrice.

Stare at Tom Welling.

Blow up 500 balloons.

Watch Charly 3.49 times.

Sleep, with only waking up three or four times.

And, yeah ... that's all I've got.

Folks, what can I do on the airplane for six hours? One golden star for any suggestion. Two gold stars for any suggestion that makes me smile at my computer screen. Three golden stars for any suggestions that make me laugh out loud. And four golden stars for anything I can actually can do. :)

Ready, set, go!


Krystal said...

ok, here comes my ideas -

take a portable DVD player and watch smallville and / or charly until the battery dies...

load your ipod with all the colors cds and listen to them over and over and over and over...

read a book (charly, perhaps?)

take up a new hobby, such as crochet (sp?)

bring uno cards and ask random strangers to play with you.

And, for the LOL moment... take a teddy bear, cabbage patch, etc. and ask people if your friend can have their picture taken with them. See how many pictures you can get on the plane.

I will brainstorm a little more. I usually just sleep, read, or listen to my ipod (but I've never flown all the way to HAWAII before!)

Rhonda said...

Leave a goldfish outside the door of the airplane bathroom. Knock, then run back to your seat.

Buy one hundred bread sticks from Olive Garden and hand them out to everyone on the plane. (or eat them all for yourself)

Tell the person next to you that you are in beauty school and you need practice cutting hair. Ask them if you can cut their hair. If they agree, pull out some fingernail clippers explaining that they wouldn't allow scissors on the plane, so the fingernail clippers will have to do. Proceed to cut their hair with fingernail clippers. That would probably take up your whole 6 hours.

If for some reason, none of these ideas seem like something you would actually want to do, then maybe you could write me a letter...a long one.

I AM pretty jealous that you are going to Hawaii. But, I hope you have the best time!! Good luck keeping busy on the plane!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh- and I just voted on your poll for the last choice.

Bailey Family said...

Yes, sure am jealous of you going to Hawaii! Have so much fun and meet a hot tongan guy and bring him back to utah to marry! Cant wait to see pictures! Yeah good luck in that plane ride. Not sure what to tell you! Too bad you dont get interenet reception. I could waste away hours on this thing!! haha!

Bailey Family said...

oh and one more thing.... I just saw that Jade from EFY has a blog. Will you write her and ask if she remembers me and then if so tell her to invite me to her blog. I would love to hear what she has been up to!

Matt and Avree said...

You could write a poem about me.

BreAna Palmer said...

You know I may have a hubby and three crazy little boys but I am totally jealous of you. I hope you have the best trip ever.

Adam R. said...

You could ride a four-wheeler around diseased grass and *nearly* fall off.

Or you could hold a fake fish funeral in the lavatory on the plane.

Or you blow up a whole bunch of balloons and then stuff them in the toilet so noone could get back in.

Or you could put sewer frog in the toilet.

That's all...

Toni said...

I was once on a plane with a lady who reached over me ever five minutes to take pictures out the window, but refused to switch me seats so that she could just sit by the window, and I could continue sleeping. So, you could take pictures every five minutes, get them developed while you're in HI then you can see if you can put them pack in chronological order in the flight on the way home as you pass each location. Ya know, like a puzzle :)

I am fortunate enough to not be able to stay awake much past take off. So I usually sleep the entire time ...but you could also try suggestions from my favorite page ...


let me know how it goes!!

Andrea said...

mindy you do not know me that well but i just have to say your blog makes me laugh . you are one funny girl. that is all.

Mike Lundberg said...

I don't have a wife or a baby and I am not going to Hawaii. So we are clearly not even.

Julie Nelson said...

Try flying on an airplane for 15 hours with a 2 month old. You might want to kill yourself as I almost did. Enjoy being bored and maybe even getting to sleep! Take a DVD player and watch some good tv or movies. (try and get an exit aisle too... nothing worse than being stuck next to/behind someone that's tall and hogs all the room or has B.O.) If nothing else take a couple Tylenol PM's and enjoy a nice long nap.

Have fun in Hawaii, its the greatest place on earth!

Brandon and Erica said...

If I were you, I would pretend to be afraid of heights...that way, when the plane starts to "ascend" you can start to freak out asking, "What's going on? Are we off the ground?" If you choose to do this, I would suggest that you psuedo-hyperventilate. That way, you can get free drinks/treats and more attention from the stewardess.

Also...if you're into living-on-the-edge (which was evidenced in your BYU halloween costume), I double-dog-dare-you to yell "BOMB" when you are in the air. Wait until you're flying over the sea though...cause then the plane can't land anywhere. I bet you'd waste plenty of time if you had to be contained.

And...on my flight to Ireland, I pretty much banked on watching movies. If you're lucky, you will have a tv screen on the back of the airplane seats. Which means YOU decide what movies you want to watch. I think I watched 4 consecutive movies....never done that in my life (well, besides when I was a lazy 12 year old).

Adam R. said...

Hey! I remembered one thing. You could've purchased three alarm clocks and placed them in places around the plane and set them to go off while everyone was sleeping.

PamNoyes said...

Long time lurker, don't know if you remember me from back in the day, used to be Ohler. Anywho, bring a pomegranate. It will certainly take a while to eat and I think they are a natural diuretic, so you will have to pee at least twice.

Marie and Jeremy said...

Smallville. That's what Jeremy and I are watching right now! :) Have fun!

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