Hawaii | Days Six & Seven

Days Six & Seven

Woke up and decided to ...

... go for a run on the beach!! Loooved it. Oh, and remember how in New York I found a pair of running shoes on the street? It is only fitting that I found these in Hawaii:

Sure, they're mis-matching. But, whatev. Ironic. That's what it is. P.S. They fit.

The rest of the morning I spent at the Laie Temple Visitor's Center as Erika worked (sheesh, crazy employed person!). The Visitor's Center was absolutely amazing! There was a senior missionary there, Sister Jacobs, who happened to be from a little place called Logan, Utah! She spent the morning showing me around. I loved being there just as much as anything else I did while in Hawaii.

We then greeted mishap # 5: pouring rain!

All ocean/beach activities were out for the day. So we decided to see some sights in Oahu before it was time to return NOT The Bus and catch my red-eye flight later that night.

First, we decided to go the Valley of Temples.

It was built with no nails. Figure that out.

Not sure why these two photos are so blurry ... pretend they are not. After gonging that bell I strangely felt much happiness and blessed!

And here's the big guy now! He was inside the temple and you had to take off your shoes to go in. There was some ritual you could do with lighting candles once you were in front of him ... but there were no instructions, so I couldn't figure it out. Doh.

Oh, ya know ... Just playing in some bamboo stalks near the temple.

Just in front of it all. Word.

Then ... it was off to find the lighthouse! It was quite windy the entire time {as you will see from our oh-so-attractive photo}. But it was aaaa-mazing when we got to the top!

On multiple occasions, Erika would get off the path {sometimes jumping over fences} to get photos of her. She'd only do it when the senior citizens left as not to freak them out. But what about ME!? I really thought she was going to fall off the cliff at one point or another!!

On the way down from the lighthouse we were able to see the Dragon's Nostrils {little blow holes}.

There were also some tide pools that people often swim in ... if the weather had even been somewhat cooperative that day! Oh, well!

By this time we needed to head back to Laie to get my stuff so I could head to Honolulu for the airport and to return NOT The Bus. However, Not The Bus was having a slight problem.

Yeah, don't worry ... it just kept making that noise over and over and over and over for the remainder of my time with him. Ugh. Oh, well. He still was not the bus, so we were happy. :)

P.S. On my red-eye flight back to Portland there was a drunk girl who evidently had night terrors ... The entire flight. This entailed her screaming at the top of her lungs {while still asleep I mind you} and hitting and kicking the seat in front of her, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" "OWWW! OWWWWW! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" "STOPP IT!! NOOO!" Over and over and over ... kind of like the casino noise in NOT The Bus.

Whelp ... I guess that is my trip to Hawaii! Big thanks to Erika for playing: chauffeur, hostess, cook, tour guide, navigator, and one of the bestest friends ev-ah! :) Love you, Erika!!


Matt and Avree said...

Wow, only you could hold me captive for a ten minute post. I enjoyed reading every word of it, you crack me up. I'm glad you're mishaps were minor and that overall you had a fun time. I'm moving up to Logan on Wednesday and then we can play!

Meg said...

Oh Mindz!! That WHOLE post made me laugh!! LIke I always say.. bad days make great stories!! :)
Atleast you got to be in Hawaii.. right!! Love the not the bus! Love the casino car! Love the pic with Sherrie dew.. Maybe you could start a Mormon tabloid! hahhaha You might get paid BIG DOLLA for that photo right there 55 yrs in the making! Oh and loved Laie falls.. Man you could get that same image at Bridal veil!

Marie and Jeremy said...

"Her name was Lola"...that's what came to mind when I saw the picture of you and your fried with flowers in your hair. Dole Power, that is SOO cool! I love and miss Logan High Cross Country. Do you remember when we peed behind a tree right before a race at Willow Par? Well, we did and I still remember it. I think I've seen Pure Luck at least 10 times. Good movie, funny analogy to your life, bummer!

Allred Mom said...

Doot.....doo, doo, doo!
The slot machine in Mindy's car!
Don't believe her folks, she just says she went to Hawaii, faked the photos. She went to Vegas!


Oh....and shoot the night terror girl! HOw do these things happen to you?????

Cam + Haley said...

I was so intrigued! Why does it always seem that mishaps happen on trips that should be the BEST. Somehow, it enhances the experience for me :)
You owe me (Haley) 10 gold stars :)

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