Hawaii | Day Two

For breakfast Erika took me to the Hukilau Cafe for banana pancakes! Now, for anyone who has watched Fifty First Dates, you might remember the cafe looking a little somethin'-somethin' like this:

Now, don't be alarmed ... but it actually looks like this:


We then decided we needed to see something of grandeur-ness. So we opted to hike to Laie Falls.

It had beautiful views of the the ocean ... yet, was quite tricky. It started off as a road that wrapped around the back of a hill and slowly narrowed from a road, to a trail, to a path not wide enough to put both feet side by side at times ... At certain points of the hike it involved using ropes to climb up and down and scaling rocks and trees. Between the incline, Achilles tendinitis, and the humidity, I was pooped. But we knew it would be worth it to see something like this:

Unfortunately, this is just an image I stole from a Google image search ... Because what Laie Falls really looks like, is this:

Laie Falls? FALLS? Are you kidding me!? Try Laie Water Trinkles Over Rocks! Oh, my word! If I was to write one of those nifty little books for travelers to give them some advice on what to do on their vacation, in my Oahu travelers guide ... I would mention the three-plus hour hike to Laie Falls, include the torturous terrain, rope climbing, tree and rocking scaling and say: It might not be worth it!!!

Buuut, we were good sports.

And pretended that this was an image worth saving forever through photo documentation. Trinkle, trinkle, trinkle ... Oh, what is that sound? The water dripping down the rocks. I call this: Mishap #2.
After our 384,793,247,897,897,324 hour hike we hopped into the ocean and then purely exhausted, we found a nice "We don't have to move or even stand" activity by attending a piano concert by the world renown, William Joseph. AMAZING. But even more amazing is what we saw on before the show even started.

Who are these people who ask? Well, the woman is Sheri Dew. And what is she "dewing?" {Sorry, couldn't help myself.} She is on a date!!! Yes, with Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Man!! Erika and I spent the 30 minutes before the concert trying to figure out if they were holding hands and exactly how interested they were in one another. Conclusion: He likes her.

Also one other thing to note on day two ... Naughty, naughty Erika .... She did this on my Facebook account.

26 Facebook messages and countless text messages and phone calls later ... I think there are still people who think it's true. PEOPLE. IT'S NOT. Hell would have to freeze over first. Seriously.

P.S. Some of your comments and excitedness for me was so super nice that it a. made me feel bad that I had to tell you it was a naughty trick and b. makes me want to get engaged -heck, I'd have to be on FIRE to ever receive that much attention again ... and even then I wonder!


Krystal said...

maybe Sheri just got married and was on her honeymoon and it was all top secret, and now you let the cat out of the bag :o)

PS - I wonder how long before someone e-mails this link to her and she comments on this!

Mike Lundberg said...

What's really sad is that when I get fake engaged on facebook, I get zero attention.

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