Hawaii | Day Three

Today was the day to go back to Honolulu to rent a car. I have never rented a car in my entire life. In fact, I am not sure my family has ever rented a car on any of our vacations. 1. We either just drove wherever we were going. 2. We would take a shuttle to wherever we were going where we could walk {ie. Disney World} and 3. It's not like they just make rental cars that wheelchairs can go in {for my brother}. So, it never even crossed my mind. But we realized that if we wanted to do all we wanted to do on Oahu, we'd need a car.

So. We rode the bus to Honolulu. Normally a 60 minute drive in the car ... Oh, it's a three hour drive on the bus. Which is only to be expected because it is indeed the bus. However, as Erika put it, "For some reason in Hawaii they take that whole relaxed lifestyle to heart and they really stop every minute. They will stop at a stop, load everyone on, pull around the corner and do it again. You can honestly throw a rock to the next stop from the one you are on." BUT: It was all going to be worth it so we could go to Waikiki Beach and surf, followed by a visit to Pearl Harbor, and a luau at night {just to name a couple of things}.

After the three hour ride on the bus, we got to the car rental place. They asked for my credit car and my license. Annnnnd ... please welcome mishap #3 ... I left my license in Laie!


Options at this point: ride the bus for three more hours to get the license just to get right back on the bus for hours seven, eight, and nine to come back the car rental place or chill in Honolulu until 6:30pm {it was noon at this point} for Erika's friend to bring me my license. We opted for the prize behind door number two.

But this meant no Pearl Harbor and while we could make it to Waikiki Beach {an additional 1.5 hours ride on the bus even though it would only have taken 10 minutes to drive there} there would be no surfing or playing in the water because Erika had her laptop. We had intended on keeping it in the trunk of the car ... but remember, there was no car.

Here we are, not surfing at Waikiki Beach. :) With some of the other sights there.

We also did some browsing at the International Market Place where I found this:

That's right, a pink trash receptacle to go with my pink bag and pink phone. What would the girl on the flight to Portland thought of this?

When I finally got my license we couldn't bear the thought of 1.5 more hours on the bus, so we took a taxi. Annnnd finally ... we met:

A 2009 Ford Focus whom we affectionately named: NOT The Bus.

We then drove NOT The Bus back to Laie and on our way there, the first place NOT The Bus took us was here:

A little trailer to get mansalas! Oh, yum and happiness! Thank you, NOT The Bus!!


Krystal said...

I want NOT the bus... what a cute not-bus!

jill said...

ok mindy...first looks like you had super fun! second how do you make the cute little picture boxes with multiple pics??

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