Hawaii | Day Four

Happily with NOT The Bus, we were able to get to some places we had wanted to previously! Our first stop was snorkeling at Shark's Cove.

However, the little red flags were out {to warn swimmers of death} so we passed on by Shark's Cove to go to calmer waters at Turtle Bay.

Then it was off to surfing.

After a 10 minute lesson from surfer pro Erika, here I am on a wave on Ali'i Beach on the North Shore. Okay. Just kidding. This actually happens to be a real pro at the Reef Hawaiian Pro International surfing competition that we were able to watch. :)

Then we were off to one of my favorite places!

The Dole Plantation. For those of you who knew me in high school, you know I wouldn't be too off the mark if I said I has a minor obsession with Dole. In fact, the entire girls' cross country and distance team in track were. We always wore Dole stickers on our foreheads during our races for "Dole Power." So, this was a dream come true.

Inside the plantation ... Erika got pineapple ice cream and I celebrated being in the Dole Plantation by getting ... crinkled french fries. Way to celebrate the Hawaiian spirit, Mindy. But they were certainly good! :)

Our next stop was where I wanted to go most: Pearl Harbor. We had done our research the day before to make sure we knew when the Visitor's Center closed and all to make sure we wouldn't miss it. We were informed it closed at 5:00pm, so we thought we were making super good timing arriving at 3:32pm.

Enter Mishap #4.

Sure. The Visitor's Center closes at 5:00pm. But the last boat out to the USS Arizona Memorial leaves at 3:30pm! I MISSED IT. I traveled over 3,000 miles and did NOT get to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. Ugh. I hate mishap #4. Here it is from the look-out point at the Visitor's Center.

Well, I couldn't pout too long. We had a luau to get to!! They had lots of different activities to do before the feast started ... Some of were :

Seeing tropical birds, watching the man climb the top of the tree, canoeing in the Lagoon {and not pictured, the Hukilau, ancient way to catch fish, and learning the Hula} ... I look disgruntled in that photo not because I am on a beautiful beach in Hawaii, rather because of the time and effort it took to make the little flower head dress!! It was so difficult! And when we asked the little, elderly woman for assistance she would say in her accent, "All wrong!" And then make us start the entire thing over!!! It took 45 minutes to finish ... But turned out alright I guess.

Other things to see from the luau ...

And that, friends, concludes day four. I really don't expect anyone to still be with me at this point since this is the most massive slew of posting ever. If you are, 10 golden stars for you. :)


Marc and Megan said...

I'm still with you... and since I currently have ZERO golden stars, I'll take 'em! :)

The photos are incredible. Seriously gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of paradise!

And, glad you're back, btw.

Adam R. said...

Mindy, I'm still here and I'm getting ready to go back to Post one about "Luck Suckers"--I just wanted to see what sucked.

Krystal said...

still reading :o) 10 gold stars for me... and I'm oozing with jealousy right now... does that count for anything? I love the pineapple pictures... great!!

Mike Lundberg said...

Ten Stars! Ten Stars!

Allred Mom said...

I get 10 stars! I am soooo excited! YIPPEE!
It has been fun to read so far!
Sorry about the mishaps so far!
Hey....and I see Megan is with you, too! Hey cool is that??

Meg said...

I'm just claiming my ten stars, too. I'm quite enjoying all the Hawaii pics. Very pretty.

Our Little Fam said...

I'm still with you so thanks for the stars! Your trip looks sooo fun!! Oh, and my sister, Chaly, and I always wore dole stickers on our faces too. We wore them right by our eye. Actually Chaly did it a lot more then me, and ours did not have to be dole, they were just whatever sticker was on whatever fruit we ate that day for lunch. Crazy it must be a runner thing!

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