Hawaii | Day Five

'Twas the Sabbath.

Which, of course, meant it was the nicest day with the best weather I saw all week. I think the Lord likes to tempt the surfers ... Erika says that the best weather is always on Sundays.

So ... we went to Church. It was in the same auditorium that I attended the piano concert in the previous Friday night. It was a day of reprimanding in the ward: attendance, reverence, and visiting teaching. Those naughty little BYU-Hawaii students. ;)

It was a pretty chill day ... We walked around temple grounds {I had already ran around the temple on one of my morning runs, but obviously not on temple grounds}.

Here we are in front of the temple.

We finished up day numero cinco by attending a devotional on BYU-Hawaii's campus with Sheri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson {Elder Nelson's wife}. They are BFF. Notice: no mishaps on the Sabbath. :)

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