Hi. :)

1. I am not dead.

2. I will be updating about my trip to Hawaii. Soon.

3. I love space-heaters.

4. I had a little experience while at work yesterday that I just found completely and entirely enlightening. It explains a lot about me and where I am in life.

If you recall, I work with people with mental disabilities. Yesterday, a client came in and told me that my car was dirty and that I needed to wash it. I told him I liked dirty cars. He then tells me, "Well! You're not going to make many friends that way!!"

Man, I had no idea I was limiting my potential in life with the cleanliness of Wilson!! I need to get on top of that ... Maybe with a clean car I can double the amount of friends I have on Facebook to 1,836. {Which leads me to believe Adam Ruri must have a spotless car with his 1,857.}

The end. :)


Mike Lundberg said...

Star for your purpose in going to Hawaii.

DeeAura said...

Hahahaaahah! I don't know if I agree with this clean car = more friends business. Case in point:

My college car *ahem* was basically a mess until the day I sold it a year after graduating. It might have been clean for a collective month over all those years. I had more friends than I could count.

Now, I have a new car that is always clean. I never see HALF of these friends anymore.

Stupid clean car. :)

Bethany said...

you might get fake friends with a clean car. and in case you were wondering, adams car is not that clean, and alot of his facebook friends are fake. (sorry adam, but it's true...) dirty car=real friends.

emily said...

That picture is beuatiful, but I want to see YOUR pictures from Hawaii.. not ones you got from googling!!

Meg said...

WooHoo! I guessed right on another poll question!! You will have to post about your trip. I'd like to go back to Hawaii someday (maybe when I'm rich...)

Allred Mom said...

I can hardly wait to hear about your trip!
As for the car.....Hmmmmm....welp..
...I think that dirty cars mean happy people! Stick to the dirty car or the next time, hand them a bucket of soapy water...I know...dangerous with the occupation you have. But it could be very entertaining! :)

Matt and Avree said...

I completely agree with your client. I also think a person's car reflects on their righteousness. clean car = clean soul.

ShaeandJustin said...

That's a cute story about the client you work with. I love the sweetness and innocence they have. I was glad to hear you weren't suddenly engaged while on your trip to Hawaii. I hope you had fun! I can't wait to see pictures.

Adam R. said...

Bethany, don't hate. I just read this post and subsequent comments. My car is dirty--so, my friends on facebook must be real. Ha ha! I could be totally honest with you, but I fear I would sound prideful. So, next time.

Mindy, thanks for checking on the status of my friends on Facebook.

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