Ladies and gentlemen: that is the sound your bank makes when it crashes.

How would I know?

My bank crashed.

Okay, technically, it was seized by the United States government {because it was crashing}. I literally lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Just kidding. {Has anyone noticed that this blog has just made me a compulsive liar? 13 golden stars for anyone who can tell me how many times I have written a fib on here just to be followed by, "Just kidding" or something of that nature}.

I didn't lose money because Mr. JP Morgan {the name we EFYers affectionately call JP Morgan Chase} took care of it all. And even though I have 110% confidence in Mr. JP Morgan {who wouldn't when the Church uses them?}, I still decided to switch banks.

My favorite part of this process was when I went to Crashed Bank and said, "I would like to close my account" and the bank teller actually responded with, "Why?"

Are you serious? You crash and you expect me to feel safe and secure in your seized hands? I think not.

Anyway, I am quite grateful that my bank crashed. Really. And here's why:

1. New Bank is located like a block away from my apartment. Crashed Bank was so faaaaaaaaaar away from where I live that I would go weeeeeks without depositing checks from work. Literally.

2. By signing up for a checking and savings account at New Bank, I got my very first credit card! Something I have been meaning to do for years, but I just never got around to. {Kind of like sending off the baby outfit I have for baby Spencer ... Avree, by the time I mail it to you, it will fit your next child}. I am weelll on my way to getting a credit history! Yes!

And 3. The main perk about my bank crashing ... At New Bank, they let me choose what my bank card would look like! And what do you think I chose?

If you are thinking along the lines of ... PINK ...

You'd be right! This is obviously not my card (yes, I took this photo off the computer! Hahaha! The card is even cuter in person!). This is Joe O. Member's card. He doesn't care if you steal his card number and use it. In fact, Joe wanted me to tell you that the security code on back was: 457.

So, this post exists simply to inform you that YES, "Every cloud has a silver lining," "When one door closes, another one opens" and any other cheesy line you've ever heard is TRUE. {Duh: what else could a PINK gerber daisy debit card tell you?}

As I bid you farewell this day, may you and yours find as much happiness whipping out your debit card as I do! :)

Upon leaving my parents' house this afternoon my older sister asked me, "Have you updated your blog yet?"

I told her I hadn't and then asked her what I should write about next, "My toenails? My cute new debit card? Or something else?"

"Ew, you don't tell people about your toenails!!"

Oh, naive little Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants. Did you not check out my last poll question? Clearly there is a reason you currently have no golden stars.


Upcoming Attraction!
I am going to be giving out some BLOG awards {don't worry, a more creative, more witty name for the awards is forthcoming} ... Who will be receiving awards? YOU. I already have some categories in mind, however, I am always willing for more ideas. In fact, one golden star for any suggestion and two golden stars for categories I actually use. And three golden stars for all who receive awards. For those of you still confused, we're thinking along the lines of "Best comment EVER." "Most likely to update" ... etc., etc., etc.

Okay, I have to go talk my mom into finishing the Strawberry Shortcake she is making!


Mike Lundberg said...

I need a golden star for the toenails, and I still need one for Idaho.

Krystal said...

first, love the new background... second, EWW on the toenails... I had 1 come off (while still attached to acrylic, no less), and that was so fun at all. third... I LOVE your new debit card... I'm totally jealous. fourth, I want to win an award... so, here's some suggestions: second biggest aggie basketball fan (because you're #1 of course), second biggest pink fan (that would be me :-D ), most frequently updated blog (not me), most clever posts.
Ok, there's just a few of my little ideas. Can't wait to see which one I win!

Matt and Avree said...

Mindy, don't worry about the present, I'm awful at mailing things. I still have my 8-year-old nephew's baptism gift and he got baptised the first weekend in August. Congrats on the cute credit card, mine is ugly because Matt chose it and he is color blind. Speaking of Matt being color blind...the color he has the hardest time with is pink, it looks beige to him, can you imagine going through life without ever seeing the beauty of pink? Poor Matt.

Toni said...

Congrats on the credit/debit card! One more step toward being like a grown up ...weird ;) Don't do anymore, or I will feel obligated to as well!

Rhonda said...

Cute pink card...it is so you! I got a fruit loops credit card when I was in HS, and ever since then when I renew the card it just comes back with fruit loops on it. I think the fruit loops are fun, but I have no idea how to change it if I wanted to. I may be 70 years old with a spunky fruit loops credit card...when it would probably be more fitting to have one with knitting needles or a medicine bottle on it.

stephanie said...

My friend just got a shirt that says toe nails are for suckers!!! There you have it. I lost five after my marathon. ooouch!!!!

Nicole Anderson said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I was a little concerned after Ben commented, but you helped me realize that it is a BIG deal and It's OK to stick up for it. Oh, and I have the same debit card from the same said bank!!!

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