I have been ...

I want to say that I have been tagged more times than I can count ... but that would mean I couldn't count to ten. But, seriously: more than once or twice is a lot of times to be tagged.

First and foremost: I actually do like being tagged. And here's why:

1. It means someone was thinking of you and was thinking you'd be crazy enough to continue this insane little chain-mail of sorts (you realize that's what we are being conned into doing, right? It's like forwarding on those emails you get ... I'm sorry, but me sending an email to 10 people does not show Jesus that I love Him nor does it mean I love you any less when "Send this to all the people you love, including the person who sent it to you" doesn't happen.)

2. I love, love, LOVE actually doing the tagging at the end. I don't know why. I feel mischievous when I do it. Like when the person I tag finds out their response must be, "Ohhh, crimey! Noooooooooooooooooo!!" As if they, forced by the laws of nature - if they ever want to find happiness in their lives again - must respond to the tag.

There is only one minor detail that I dislike about being tagged: I don't even want to read/write that much about myself!!!!!!!! Why on this green earth would YOU!?

But in the spirit of being tagged by Lida Louise Riplinger, Jill Louise Whitney, Toni Louise Jeter, Erika Annemarie Louise Johnsen, Meg Louise Gazaway, and Nicole Louise Hicken Anderson and Susan Krogh Johnson, I have created my own set of tag questions. My tag is called:

"OMGosh, I totally heart TAGS! But in reality, the tag you wish you never received! Dun, dun, dun!! P.s. 47 is a super cool number!"

47 ...
Reasons why you love Mindy Thornley:
LEAST-favorite restaurants EVER:
Places you wished you had NEVER visited:
Places you have NEVER lived:
Worst memories:
Closest firehydrants to your residence:
Top People to Marry {not including your current spouse}:
Side question: Does your current spouse know you feel that way about thoes 47 other people?
Worst moments in your life:
Things you wish you would have never done:
Details about your teeth:
Websites you don't visit daily:
Potential meanings of the phrase, honky-dory:
TV shows you loathe:
Reasons why you think Mindy is obsessed with the color pink:
Least-favorite people:
Most awkward moments in your life:
Last times you flossed your teeth:
Fibs you've told:
Last people you've texted:
Things you've never told anyone:
Last times you dressed immodestly:

In 47 words or less, describe your thoughts on suspenders and why you think people don't wear them more often and why you think they should:
What is ONE question you refuse to answer? {Tricked you there with the one, didn't I?}
What is the answer to the question of question #11?
Have you ever wanted to ask someone, "Is that your real arm?"

47 People I tag:
Adam Ruri
Amy Bellamy
Bethany Stewart
Amber Anderson
Alyssa Chin
Erica Rowles
Danelle Skelton
Alison Rogers
Michelle Richards
Brooke Arbon
Cali Stoddard
Carrie Drake
Deveney Tucker
Laura Webster
Heather Harris
DeeAura Thompson
Jade Gibb
Lida Riplinger
Rhonda Harris
Avree Ethington
Nicole Hicken Anderson
Chelsea Hicen Moore
Meg Poulson
Meg Gazaway
Erika Annemarie Johnsen
Susan Krogh Johnson
Michael Brian Lundberg
Jill Whitney
Toni Lehman
Kristin Johnson
April Menlove
Mikaylie Kartchner
Erin Ross
Jaci Patterson
Whitney McAdams
Amber Thurston
Tiffany Strickland
Cassandra Fawson
Dione Garlick
Sister Allred
Megan Carson
Hayley CUTLER!!
Heather Enslinger
Chels Grant
Erin Aamodt
Marie Spackman
AND: BreAna Palmer

Have fun, kids. :)

 And since it's a tag of 47, logically it only makes sense to have 26 questions. Oh, and of course, for anyone who actually does this: many golden stars involved! :)


Matt and Avree said...

I regret to inform you that I am rejecting your tag...but I still love you!

Mike Lundberg said...

I ignored your last tag. I think I will ignore this one as well.

Bethany said...


Brandon and Erica said...

Well...you are hilarious...but, I feel bad for that Erica Rowles character. She will have to do a tag now. Good thing my name is Erica Wilkinson! ::whew:: Got myself outta THAT one.

Krystal said...

47 people and my name did not make the list... sure dodged a bullet on that one :o)

Brig & Chels said...

Mindy...I'm glad that the happiest day of your life is that we now have a blog. I hope that I will frequently get the enjoyment of mindy comments :)

Our Little Fam said...

Uhm, I'll get right on that for ya!!

jill said...

oh my goodness. I don't know when I'll be able to do this, but I know I will end up doing it because I work a lot of long night shifts. haha

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