It's settled ...

After much inner-conflict, this is what I have concluded about tagging {yes, I realize I am the only person in the universe who could create an inner-conflict about BLOG TAGGING} I am only to play the game of "Blog Tag" under two circumstances:

1. If two or more people tag me with the same tag


2. If it is random/unique/creative {read as: generally not one where I have to fill out useless, boring jargon about myself}.

Having said that, Avree and Erika tagged me to do this random/unique/creative tag ... Thus you will see, I am playing along.


Photo Tag ... If you're tagged you have to go to your fourth picture file and post the fourth picture in the file ... And here's mine:

* Anaheim, California * August 2006 * Our very first photo of us three together *

I love this photo because when I look back at the day it was taken, I had no idea that these two boys would end up being two of my bestest friends, nor did I have an inkling of all the experiences we'd be able to share! :) Okay, gonna stop here before we all vomit in nostalgia.

Now {my favorite part}, I get to tag four people:

MICHAEL BRIAN LUNDBERG {Stop ignoring my tags!}

Rhonda Harris

Krystal Plott

Adam Ruri


This is how it's done, folks ...

She did it, folks! She did it!

Erika Annemarie Johnsen accomplished the unaccomplishable! She completed "OMGosh, I totally heart TAGS! But in reality, the tag you wish you never received! Dun, dun, dun!! P.S. 47 is a super cool number!" (And very creatively, I might add!)

Click HERE to see how Erika became the proud new owner of 47 golden stars!! Just kidding, click HERE.

And no, unaccomplishable is not a word. Thanks for asking.


I have been ...

I want to say that I have been tagged more times than I can count ... but that would mean I couldn't count to ten. But, seriously: more than once or twice is a lot of times to be tagged.

First and foremost: I actually do like being tagged. And here's why:

1. It means someone was thinking of you and was thinking you'd be crazy enough to continue this insane little chain-mail of sorts (you realize that's what we are being conned into doing, right? It's like forwarding on those emails you get ... I'm sorry, but me sending an email to 10 people does not show Jesus that I love Him nor does it mean I love you any less when "Send this to all the people you love, including the person who sent it to you" doesn't happen.)

2. I love, love, LOVE actually doing the tagging at the end. I don't know why. I feel mischievous when I do it. Like when the person I tag finds out their response must be, "Ohhh, crimey! Noooooooooooooooooo!!" As if they, forced by the laws of nature - if they ever want to find happiness in their lives again - must respond to the tag.

There is only one minor detail that I dislike about being tagged: I don't even want to read/write that much about myself!!!!!!!! Why on this green earth would YOU!?

But in the spirit of being tagged by Lida Louise Riplinger, Jill Louise Whitney, Toni Louise Jeter, Erika Annemarie Louise Johnsen, Meg Louise Gazaway, and Nicole Louise Hicken Anderson and Susan Krogh Johnson, I have created my own set of tag questions. My tag is called:

"OMGosh, I totally heart TAGS! But in reality, the tag you wish you never received! Dun, dun, dun!! P.s. 47 is a super cool number!"

47 ...
Reasons why you love Mindy Thornley:
LEAST-favorite restaurants EVER:
Places you wished you had NEVER visited:
Places you have NEVER lived:
Worst memories:
Closest firehydrants to your residence:
Top People to Marry {not including your current spouse}:
Side question: Does your current spouse know you feel that way about thoes 47 other people?
Worst moments in your life:
Things you wish you would have never done:
Details about your teeth:
Websites you don't visit daily:
Potential meanings of the phrase, honky-dory:
TV shows you loathe:
Reasons why you think Mindy is obsessed with the color pink:
Least-favorite people:
Most awkward moments in your life:
Last times you flossed your teeth:
Fibs you've told:
Last people you've texted:
Things you've never told anyone:
Last times you dressed immodestly:

In 47 words or less, describe your thoughts on suspenders and why you think people don't wear them more often and why you think they should:
What is ONE question you refuse to answer? {Tricked you there with the one, didn't I?}
What is the answer to the question of question #11?
Have you ever wanted to ask someone, "Is that your real arm?"

47 People I tag:
Adam Ruri
Amy Bellamy
Bethany Stewart
Amber Anderson
Alyssa Chin
Erica Rowles
Danelle Skelton
Alison Rogers
Michelle Richards
Brooke Arbon
Cali Stoddard
Carrie Drake
Deveney Tucker
Laura Webster
Heather Harris
DeeAura Thompson
Jade Gibb
Lida Riplinger
Rhonda Harris
Avree Ethington
Nicole Hicken Anderson
Chelsea Hicen Moore
Meg Poulson
Meg Gazaway
Erika Annemarie Johnsen
Susan Krogh Johnson
Michael Brian Lundberg
Jill Whitney
Toni Lehman
Kristin Johnson
April Menlove
Mikaylie Kartchner
Erin Ross
Jaci Patterson
Whitney McAdams
Amber Thurston
Tiffany Strickland
Cassandra Fawson
Dione Garlick
Sister Allred
Megan Carson
Hayley CUTLER!!
Heather Enslinger
Chels Grant
Erin Aamodt
Marie Spackman
AND: BreAna Palmer

Have fun, kids. :)

 And since it's a tag of 47, logically it only makes sense to have 26 questions. Oh, and of course, for anyone who actually does this: many golden stars involved! :)



Ladies and gentlemen: that is the sound your bank makes when it crashes.

How would I know?

My bank crashed.

Okay, technically, it was seized by the United States government {because it was crashing}. I literally lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Just kidding. {Has anyone noticed that this blog has just made me a compulsive liar? 13 golden stars for anyone who can tell me how many times I have written a fib on here just to be followed by, "Just kidding" or something of that nature}.

I didn't lose money because Mr. JP Morgan {the name we EFYers affectionately call JP Morgan Chase} took care of it all. And even though I have 110% confidence in Mr. JP Morgan {who wouldn't when the Church uses them?}, I still decided to switch banks.

My favorite part of this process was when I went to Crashed Bank and said, "I would like to close my account" and the bank teller actually responded with, "Why?"

Are you serious? You crash and you expect me to feel safe and secure in your seized hands? I think not.

Anyway, I am quite grateful that my bank crashed. Really. And here's why:

1. New Bank is located like a block away from my apartment. Crashed Bank was so faaaaaaaaaar away from where I live that I would go weeeeeks without depositing checks from work. Literally.

2. By signing up for a checking and savings account at New Bank, I got my very first credit card! Something I have been meaning to do for years, but I just never got around to. {Kind of like sending off the baby outfit I have for baby Spencer ... Avree, by the time I mail it to you, it will fit your next child}. I am weelll on my way to getting a credit history! Yes!

And 3. The main perk about my bank crashing ... At New Bank, they let me choose what my bank card would look like! And what do you think I chose?

If you are thinking along the lines of ... PINK ...

You'd be right! This is obviously not my card (yes, I took this photo off the computer! Hahaha! The card is even cuter in person!). This is Joe O. Member's card. He doesn't care if you steal his card number and use it. In fact, Joe wanted me to tell you that the security code on back was: 457.

So, this post exists simply to inform you that YES, "Every cloud has a silver lining," "When one door closes, another one opens" and any other cheesy line you've ever heard is TRUE. {Duh: what else could a PINK gerber daisy debit card tell you?}

As I bid you farewell this day, may you and yours find as much happiness whipping out your debit card as I do! :)

Upon leaving my parents' house this afternoon my older sister asked me, "Have you updated your blog yet?"

I told her I hadn't and then asked her what I should write about next, "My toenails? My cute new debit card? Or something else?"

"Ew, you don't tell people about your toenails!!"

Oh, naive little Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants. Did you not check out my last poll question? Clearly there is a reason you currently have no golden stars.


Upcoming Attraction!
I am going to be giving out some BLOG awards {don't worry, a more creative, more witty name for the awards is forthcoming} ... Who will be receiving awards? YOU. I already have some categories in mind, however, I am always willing for more ideas. In fact, one golden star for any suggestion and two golden stars for categories I actually use. And three golden stars for all who receive awards. For those of you still confused, we're thinking along the lines of "Best comment EVER." "Most likely to update" ... etc., etc., etc.

Okay, I have to go talk my mom into finishing the Strawberry Shortcake she is making!


Worst - adjective, superl. of bad and ill ...

Before the 2008 NCAA football season kicked off in August, the Utah State University program was dubbed by many as the worst DI football team in the nation {I throw the "DI" thing in there because, heck, there had to be high school programs we could beat ... right?} ... Dead last, even though we were on our longest winning streak since 2001 ... Okay, so I admit: it was a winning streak of two games. {And yes, that does mean we haven't won more than two consecutive games since 2001.}

While many football programs and fans are familiar with rankings by the Associated Press Top 25 Poll and 
the USA Today Poll, Utah State has become waaay more familiar with EPSN's Bottom Ten poll ... A location where you can read priceless gems about USU football like this, "Like the sound of 9-inch nails against a chalkboard? If so, you'll love the Aggies," and "The Aggies and the Bottom 10 just go together."

I'd like to begin a sob story here about how it never gets easier cheering and supporting a losing team. But that's a lie. It does.

In fact, it creates entirely new opportunities for fun and excitement. Seriously. I will use the Utah State vs. BYU {#8 AP, #9 USA Today[Side note: BYU actually dropped a spot in each poll because of their game against USU. Hahahah. So funny. The only time you can play a team, win, and still lose ground in the polls} game as an example.

We are one of the few teams where when a touchdown is scored the same emotion and excitement comes as if we had just won the game with a last second hail-Mary pass in the end-zone. This excitement is 58,765% higher while playing BYU who had left the previous two schools they had played scoreless. Ahem. BYU got scored on (twice) by one of the worst teams in the nation. Ouch.

After the first touchdown, an Aggie in the student section wrote on his white board, "We are better than UCLA!" ... When we scored our second touchdown he wrote, "We are waaaaay better than UCLA."

Who else could be that happy with 14 points?

Being as bad as we are, and knowing we are that bad, we are the only fans in the nation who would cheer, "Over-rated!" {clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!} while we are still down by 20 points. I will give credit to some witty BYU fans who responded with, "At least we're rated!" {clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!}. Touche.

And, again at the end of the game ... with the final score in BYU's favor of 34-14 ... The over-rated cheer returned. I like it that we can man up to who we are, "Yes. We are horridly awful. And we are so horridly awful that it is even more horridly awful that you couldn't stop us from scoring on you - twice!"

Said one BYU fan, whose name may or may not be Adam Paora George Ruri, watching the Aggies exit the stadium, "They were all smiling and laughing as if they had won."

Oh, Mr. Ruri ... even though we were down by 20 when the final buzzer sounded, this was a win for Utah State football. Seriously, when reading the papers the following morning, I was shocked that they made it sound like it was ... a loss?

Although we may joke about our team and how poorly they have played in the last decade (errr, or since like 1993), I am certainly proud of the coaches and players who go out there every weekend and fight for their way up, as difficult as it is and with how slowly success sometimes comes. Keep on keeping on, Aggies. :)

Photo at the game: my nephew and I. He's only six and he is totally converted to Aggieism - I've completed my mission in this life.

P.s. After the game I was able to spend a little bit of time with one of my favorite Cougars. As I introduced him to Firehouse and the Fh'zookie, BYU fans watched in awe as they recognized this clearly popular man. Some freshmen girls doted all over him. It was fantastic.

And I am sure everyone was wondering what he was doing with an Aggie. But as this thought crossed my mind, I was reminded of a quote from Remember the Titans, {edited slightly} "People say that it can't work, Cougars and Aggies. Here, we make it work every day."

And, although this photo was obviously not taken Saturday night, it still represents making a Cougar/Aggie friendship work. :)

*** Golden star to anyone who can correctly identify where we are at (and no, "the beach" is not specific enough).
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