The BEAST ...

Today I ran a 1/2 marathon with one of my favorite running buddies, Boo. And I guess by saying we "ran" it would be an exaggeration. We jogged it. I admit it, sometimes I jog. Our intention from the moment we even started contemplating running the 1/2 marathon was to run it slow. We had no desire to train on a regular basis to try and run it "fast." And, as previously mentioned, I have ran one day a week for over the past month. That's all.

In honor of the 13.1 miles, I will share 13.1 thoughts I had while running today:

1. There is no way I am running the marathon.

2. There is no way I am running the marathon.

3. I honestly will cry if Bernard Legat doesn't win the 5,000m in the Olympics tonight.

4. There is no way I am running the marathon.

5. I wish I was wearing my cute pink top that I had planned on wearing during the marathon.

6. There is no way I am running the marathon.

7. When am I going to be able to wear the cute pink top if I don't do the marathon?

8. There is no way I am running the marathon.

9. There is no way I am running the marathon.

10. There is no way I am running the marathon.

11. I really could put that fly on a leash and he could run the marathon {refer to the second poll question}.

12. There is no way I am running the marathon.

13. I wonder if I can talk my parents into taking me to lunch.

13.1. Marathon is out. Definitely. Forever.

And here is the only photo I have from the race, conveniently enough, actually after I finished. Uhm, I really like to sit down after I run. :)

Two golden stars to all who can guess what I am thinking this very moment {you will find a hint above}. :)


I realized something today ... I've been running road races since I was in fourth-grade, ran in high school, and ran in college {all of which have occurred primarily in/around Logan, UT}. For as long as I can remember, when I have gone to races, people make comments to me. One from today, "You won't remember me, but I watched you break the course record at the Shamrock Shuffle ..." The comments come from people I know, people who look familiar, and like today, complete strangers. But these aren't the only types of comments I received ... The following were actually said to me: From an old man who is a complete stranger, "Wow! I never expected to see you this far back!" and from someone I knew, "I BEAT YOU! I ACTUALLY BEAT MINDY THORNLEY!!" The realization was this: I get at least one comment like this in every race I don't win. Two comments to all the people who have ever made comments like this to me: 1. Sometimes, I don't run fast. Sometimes it's intentionally and of course there are sometimes it's not. 2. I don't analyze your ever perceived success or failure in running, please don't analyze mine. kthanksbye. :)


Shauna said...

That race was awful. Tell your Sister her sign was super cute. Glad you have a picture to remember this day. Blah!!! I think we should run long races (longer than 10k) just once so we don't know the course and so I don't ask the annoying question "how much longer" Thanks for coming back to get me even though I could not go any faster.

Meg said...

I'd guess you were thinking, "There is no way I'm running the marathon."
Am I right??

I'm impressed you ran half a marathon. My running abilities extend to, well, nothing. I don't run. Ever.

Allred Mom said...

Way to go in doing the 1/2 marathon today! You have got guts!

Oh....and..."There is no way I'm running the marathon!"......2 golden stars for me????

Also.....all those rude comments from the peanut gallery, should be squooshed and turned into peanut butter! GO MINDY!!!!

Krystal said...

you're thinking "gee, I could really use some chocolate milk right now" :o) (or maybe that's what you're thinking at 9:11 pm on Sunday nights??) No, what you're really thinking is: There is no way I am running the marathon... just a lucky guess. Glad you survived. AND just for the record, anyone who runs is amazing. And anyone who would put a runner down is just jealous. Heaven knows I'd never run... not even if my house were on fire! So keep up the great work.

BreAna Palmer said...

congrats on the marathon, you were always a great runner. That is one thing I remember about you most is your running. I always wished that I could run like you. Congrats again.

Ruth and Kyle Emmett said...

Mindy! It is so impressive that you ran a half marathon! CONGRATS! I have only ran one marathon last year and it dang near killed me....and I was in way better shape than I am this year. I thought for a second about running the top of Utah this year..but that passed, long distance running is hard! I attempt to run 4 miles or so maybe 2 times a week but it ain't easy, and I always intend to do more than I actually do. But I agree, it's such a mental battle.

Adam R. said...

You were thinking "There is no way I'm running the marathon" and then you wanted to know why that person was taking a picture of you squatting right after you ran a marathon. Ha ha ha ha! 2 gold stars?

Cassie said...

Mindy, I LOVE IT! I ran my first 1/2 Marathon last November and when I finished I said the EXACT SAME THING! Still to this day I have no intention or desire to ever run a full marathon. When I finished that last mile I was so exhausted you couldn't have paid me to turn around and run it again! I think I'll stick with 10K's and you're welcome to join me. However, I have to admit you'd probably kill me! I remember once going running in the morning with you around the neighborhood and when we finished I was a sweaty mess and you hadn't even broken a sweat! Way to run the 1/2 and way to have wisdom not to run the full!
p.s. A wise old disco man said running marathons is Crazy!

Mike Lundberg said...

My guess is that in the photo you are thinking "There is no way I'm running the marathon." Also, I'm not sure I got my gold star for knowing that the answer to the flier question was Adam Ruri.

Erin said...

Oh Mindy, you crack me up. Please keep the hilarious posts coming! By the way, I totally guessed that you wanted to name your first son Brick, so you should give me a star. Way to go on the Half! Woo!

Brandon and Erica said...

You know what I would have been thinking? "Why am I running a half marathon?"

So, I am STILL impressed by you...full marathon or half!

Lil said...

Hey Mindy, I saw that you asked Meg about me on her blog. I actually come check out your blog quite often I just haven't ever commented. So I'm doing great! I'm still up at Utah State. I just have one year left and I am so excited to graduate. Also, I'm glad you remembered me. I wasn't sure you would, which is why I haven't commented before now.

Seth & Melanie said...

what was your time?

Nikki said...

YOU CAN RUN A MARATHON!!!! GOod job on the half though! I LOVE half marathons...I would personally stick to them because marathons kill your mind..but you would feel so accomplished! You would do great and I think you should do it :)

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