Letters ...

Olympics have taken over my life.

Dear Kobe Bryant:

Seriously? You speak Spanish and Italian? How? Where? Why?


Dear NBC:

Thank you for showing all two hours and twenty-seven minutes of the women's marathon. I think that is the first time that has happened. Ever. In the entire universe. Yes, I did fast-forward through parts {shocking, as an avid runner}, but I appreciate your effort nonetheless.


Dear Tyson Gay:

I hurt my hamstring once too, so I know how you feel. Given, I wasn't performing at the Olympics, being an actual contender for a medal ... but I just didn't want you to feel like you were alone ... and clearly you're not because our hamstring injuries are so similar.


Dear Usain Bolt:

Things I can do under 9.69 seconds ... Scratch my head, blink my eyes, swallow a piece of gum, and push the scan button in my car. You on the other hand, you ... you jog your way to a WORLD record. Congratulations.

P.S. You're tall.


Dear Deana Kastor:

Never in my life have I ever heard more poetic words than what you said before your marathon, "The human body was not meant to run 26.2 miles."


Dear Michael Phelps:

On behalf of the entire world, I would like to thank you for not shaving your eyebrows to become more aerodynamic. Annnd, I want to add you as a friend on Facebook, but I won't.

P.S. You have earned more Olympic gold medals in the past week than every country except the United States, China, Great Britain, and Germany.


Mindy M. Thornley


On a random side note, I now want to quote one of my bestest friends on the planet, Amber Mae Jensen Ogivlie. When I informed her I have been running four times in the past eighteen days she said, "Mindy, you're not training for a marathon, you're just going to run one." Yeah, my marathon training went down the toilet about three weeks ago for no apparent reason other than I simply got bored running that far alone. YET: I still plan on running the marathon. :)


Alison said...

Dear Mindy--

You are stellar. I love your letters!


Alison M. Rogers

Lindi said...

Dear Mindy,

You are great and have great letters.


Melinda C. Auble

P.S. I did the same thing on my blog. I credited my source.

Brandon and Erica said...

Hilarious. Thank you for your letters. You have my permission to copy any idea of mine when you can produce such hilarious writ.

Thank you for your letter to Usain Bolt especially. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Meg said...

I knew you wanted to name your first son Brick. Another gold star for me!!!

Lil is still in Logan. I told her to come check out your blog. She has one year of school to go.

Ruth and Kyle Emmett said...


Allred Mom said...

Dear Mindy,

You now owe me 2 gold stars...one for last week and one for this week. WORD I loved your letters! I do wonder though, how come I didn't get one written to me? I'm famous too, right????

Haley said...

Good luck with the marathon. I discovered that moving + missionary coming home + getting engaged + pickleville + work = no marathon this year. I'll be thinking of you though!

Mike Lundberg said...

Seriously? Kobe speaks spanish and italian? Weird!

Mike Lundberg said...

Oh, and I get a gold star for Brick.

jaci said...

hey! i found this awesome blog with your name on the top!! thanks for writing about Craig. When he was all over the news I saw his picture and thought, do I know him? (which happens a lot growing up in utah). Anyway..was he an efy counselor with us in 2005? well, hope to see you around.

Cali said...

Funny! I love the olympics! ps... running a marathon is awesome and amazingly fun IF you have trained well... so I will say to you my friend.. good luck. and I cant wait to hear about it when you're done!!

Whitney said...

ha ha, I like your letters! please send them. jk

Marie and Jeremy said...

Are you planning a run or two in central park?!

Our Little Fam said...

I loved this post, aren't the olympics great. I want to right a letter to the 5000 girl runners and ask them why the heck they went out at a 90 second first lap and then somehow still ran the race in 15:00 minutes!!!

Amber said...

Those rocked! You are so creative. I was seriously enjoying them!

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