38 days ...

Awe-Inspiring Olympic Moment #2:

Paul Hamm, 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Background: After three rounds in the competition, Paul Hamm held strong ground to become the first American man to win an individual gold in the all-around. But after a disastrous fall in the vault, Paul literally fell into 12th place in the competition. As he approached the end of the meet, he would need to perform literally flawless and need nothing short of a miracle to even come close to medaling with the bronze, as moving from 12th to 3rd place was flirting with the complete impossible. This was Paul's last event of the day:

The judges gave Paul Hamm a score of 9.837 for this routine. Was it enough to win the bronze medal?


It was enough to win the gold.

Paul Hamm edged out Yang Tae Young of South Korea by a margin of .012, the closet in Olympic history to become the first American man to win the gold in the individual all-around.

38 days, folks. 38 days. :)


Lindi said...

I'm so glad you posted that video. It got me pumped for the Olympics!!! I can't wait.

Di said...

I remember this! I am so excited for the olympics too.

Allred Mom said...

Add another point for me!!!! YAHOO! The Olympics!!!! Where you actually can enjoy the sport without all the primadonna high paid athletes! You got to love them!
Just for the record...kvoopjtb! LOL
P.S. I don't blame you on the other "games"!

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