38 days ...

Awe-Inspiring Olympic Moment #2:

Paul Hamm, 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Background: After three rounds in the competition, Paul Hamm held strong ground to become the first American man to win an individual gold in the all-around. But after a disastrous fall in the vault, Paul literally fell into 12th place in the competition. As he approached the end of the meet, he would need to perform literally flawless and need nothing short of a miracle to even come close to medaling with the bronze, as moving from 12th to 3rd place was flirting with the complete impossible. This was Paul's last event of the day:

The judges gave Paul Hamm a score of 9.837 for this routine. Was it enough to win the bronze medal?


It was enough to win the gold.

Paul Hamm edged out Yang Tae Young of South Korea by a margin of .012, the closet in Olympic history to become the first American man to win the gold in the individual all-around.

38 days, folks. 38 days. :)


Saying goodbye ...

Just over a week ago I had to say goodbye to a cherished, trusted, and dear friend of mine.

This friend and I have been inseparable since I was 16-years-old. Everywhere I would go, my friend came with me ... to EFY, to every race I ever ran in, to toilet papering houses, to family events, to the temple, to funerals, countless trips to Olive Garden, and he even made the move to Provo with me two years ago.

I loved him more than I thought I ever could, and saying goodbye to him has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do ...

I will forever be grateful for the time we spent together. He's meant so much to me for so long and has done so much for me for so long. One of the greatest things I am grateful for that my friend has done for me is ...

He helped me get every where and anywhere I needed to go {as seen in this picture: he took me back home to LOGAN after my six-month residency in Provo!}.

Yes, as unbelievable as it is, and with a heavy heart and much sorrow: I said goodbye Eddie. Now, I know I am not the first one to "act" as if this parting is uber-difficult ... but the truth is: it is no act. I fell in love with a piece of metal! To offer some proof of this claim, the day I accidentally did this ...

to Eddie (on the day of my college graduation, no less), when I went to the auto-body shop to look at him one last time before he was turned into a bazillion lemonade cans, I literally began to sob - uncontrollably. I was so heart broken by what I had done to my little friend and by the idea of us being separated. So much in fact, that insane amounts of money were put into restoring Eddie }much more than the insurance said he was worth [but really, how do you put a price on a friend?]} because I couldn't see myself with any other car.

Until now ... :)

Meet Wilson!!

Now, let it be made known that I didn't go out seeking for new means of transportation because Eddie was old or Eddie was ugly nor had my feelings for Eddie changed. I did it simply to honor Eddie in his old age and out of respect to his slowing condition {not literally, Eddie and I got pulled over for speeding three weeks ago} I have let him move on ... Truly a sacrifice on my part. In fact, not only have I shed tear at our separation, but Eddie has too {or maybe that was just the anti-freeze leak the auto-repair shop told me about???}.

But back to Wilson! Isn't he cute!? :) 2005 Ford Escape, basically a nephew to Eddie {if you will}. And something is telling me that Wilson and I are going to be very, very happy together. Hopefully Wilson is half as committed to me as I am to him {because I thought signing a cell phone contract was huge}!

Another perk about cute little Wilson:

That's right! He has Aggie plates!! CUTE, HUH? {Warning: for any creepos out there who I do not know and have found this blog and now want to stalk me because I put such "personal" information up like my licence plate number, I am not that fun to stalk. Honestly, I'll give you names and numbers of past stalkers and they can tell you that it just isn't worth your time.}

While Wilson and I are looking forward to the next xx years together, Eddie will always remain my first love. And so it is, I dedicate this blog entry in loving memory to Eddie: December 13, 1998 to June 26, 2008. I will never forget you, little buddy.


Untold Truth:

I'm a big baby.

But only when it comes to athletic events, athletic movies, and athletic comercials.

For years I have tried to figure out what it is about Mindy and athletics. Why does watching the youtube video of Chaz Spicer shoot the last second shot against the Utes give me warm-fuzzies inside? Why do I cry at movies like Glory Road, Remember the Titans, and Cool Runnings? Why do I get teary-eyed watching a Lowe's Hardware commericial about a dad, a son, and his first basketball hoop? {YES! A Lowe's Hardware commercial!}

After years of much contemplation (no, not a word) I think I finally figured it out. I love athletics because I think they show that we are capable of so much more than we ever thought we were.

Because of my passion for athletics, I am thrilled ... THRILLED, ELATED, and ECSTATIC for the upcoming Olympic games. And as part of my countdown to August 8, 2008, I am going to share with you some of {what I think are} the great moments in Olympic history {oddly enough, the first two I wanted to share with you, VISA has made into commericials!}. This first one I actually would show a clip from to my seminary students anytime we talked about not giving up or enduring to the end. I love the lessons that are taught from athletics!! :)

So, without further adieu:

Awe-inspiring Olympic Moment #1:

Derek Redmond, 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Background: British runner who shattered the national record at only 19-years of age. In the 1988 Olympics, Derek Redmond was forced to withdraw from his race due to an achilles injury. Five surgeries and four years later, he returned to the Olympics determined to medal. The color of medal was meaningless to him, as he wanted just to win one. Just one. This is that race:


Four score and seven years ago ...

Okay, not quite that long ago ... but 33-years-ago one of the most amazing people currently living on the face of the planet was born. And normally, I am not one to recognize birthdays or other holidays high-lighting people on my blog {because if I did, that's all that would ever be posted}, but I made an exception today ... For my brother, Brandon. Happy birthday, friend. I love you!

And, as tradition goes, I write odes for my family members' birthdays ... Here's yours, Donkey:

Ode to Brandon David Thornley

Brandon is my favorite brother by far,
And one reason for this is because
I’ve never had to fight him for shotgun in the car.

Without Brandon I would be lost indeed,
For it was he who saved me at Disneyland
from the dirty, dirty swamp of stink-weed.

Brandon taught me how to crush rocks,
Even after I, with little care, would put on his black socks.

He told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.
The amazing hair-stylist in myself he helped me see.

He’s given me more nicknames than anyone else on the planet:
Judas, Demon, Dean, and even Oh Madeline – but never Janet.

Sitting next to him I made my EPSN debut.
The Aggie games we’ve watched together are more than a just few.

We suffered the Big West Aggie loss to Northridge together,
It only made our relationship even better.

Brandon, I am who I am today because of you.
You’re not a Jew, a Foo, or piece of goo:
And I want you to know: I love you!

In honor of this great guy on his special day, here is a photo of him in his underpants! And me eating his arm. :)

Golden star to all who can tell me why I never had to fight him for shot gun in the car!


I'm in love ...

And I don't care who knows it! We originally met seven years ago and he just recently came back into my life and I couldn't be happier ...

As I began my work with people with disabilities back in June of 2001, this client was one of the first clients I worked with and fell in love with. Due to his very challenging behaviors, other staff members refused to work with him. But I wanted nothing more than to spend every day with this amazing guy ... Due to confidentiality reasons I cannot show pictures of him at our program, but I can show pictures of him seven years ago. :)

How adorable is he?? The photo on the top right is our first photo together, as we played in the nasty waters of First Dam. :) ... As luck would have it, he began attending the program I work for now ... and in attempt to help his new staff be better trained with him, I got to spend the entire day with him!

I don't know how many other opportunities I will have to spend with him in the future, but I am sure grateful for the day we had today! :) He will always be one of the first guys to have stolen my heart! :)


Confession ...

That's right ... I have a confession to make. And I will only make it once. And I will never discuss it outside of this blog. {You probably should be sitting down for this} ...

I love Provo.

No, that is not a typo.

I know what most of you must be thinking, Adam Ruri or Chance Basinger must have gotten into my blog account and must be typing this, right? After all, Mindy Marie Thornley would never have such feelings for Provo. And, even if she did: she would never admit them! But, I must say, it is a truism.

But before you have me committed into an asylum {or disown me}, let me explain ... :)

Truth: the six months I resided in Provo, Utah I would still refer to as six of the most difficult months in my life. Truth: I am not 100% positive that I would love living there now. Truth: I still am a true-blooded Aggie, through and through and think every one the planet should be an Aggie {except for maybe Hillary Clinton}. I could never even come close to converting to Cougarism. :)

But the one truth that matters the most: I will forever be grateful for those six months because of the people those six months brought into my life. As much as I talk about hating Provo, my disdain for BYU and BYU athletics {except for the cross country team, which somehow I have always liked}, I absolutely love the people who live there and I hope they know that.

What brings this on?

A weekend spent in Provo with some of the best people I know ... the kind of people that you can sit with in a living room doing absolutely nothing, except for maybe be close to falling asleep due to exhaustion, and still be perfectly content and pleased because you are with them.

While that example actually did happen, there was some other stuff too ... :) And now is time for photo documentation of that. :)

Friday was Chance's birthday ... and so we decided to take him out to dinner at Tucano's {there is more meat in that restaurant than in a field of 93,489,384 cows}. We {Adam and I} only invited a few friends to dinner, hoping that it would distract Chance from our other plans later that night, a surprise party.

Chance got a harmonica for his birthday. It's actually pretty disgusting how talented he is. He basically picked the darn thing up for the first time and was automatically playing recognizable tunes.

After dinner ...

We had to kill some time before Chance's surprise party. So, we told him we wanted to take him across the street to Border's and get him a book as a gift. But in order to get the book, we'd play a little game. Everyone would pick out a couple books they thought Chance would like. Then which ever book he liked best from our selection, we'd give as a birthday present.

This game ...

Turned out to be quite entertaining. :) Here is Chance when he saw one of the selections ... It is called, Yes, you're pregnant, but what about me? by Kevin Nealon. Other selections were: an Anita Stansfield LDS romance novel, a Danielle Steel romance novel, a body building book, The Five Languages of Love, and my two selections, Grapes of Wrath and An Inconvenient Book, by Glenn Beck. I will have you know that those two made the final three {with the third book being one Chance picked out himself} with the winning book being the Glenn Beck one. Two golden stars for Mindy. Word.

While at Border's, a little jazz band was playing music in the cafe ... Since we had more time we needed to stall, we requested this for Chance ...

Eventually came the party ...

Uhm ... all I can say about those balloons is: I was in a hurry when purchasing them and evidently didn't read the packages ... I thought they said, "Happy birthday!"

The following day ...

My old roommate, Amy, and I attended the longest parade known to mankind that took place in Eagle Mountain, Utah. We went because we heard some nut was going to be driving a four-wheeler around in the parade, promising to throw us lots and lots of candy our direction ...

The weekend didn't end with the parade, but evidently that's when I stopped taking pictures. :) So, I guess that is the end of this post. Uhm. Yeah. The end. Goodbye. I need to eat something chocolate.
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