It's time to face the truth ...

That's right, ladies and gentlemen ... No matter how much we'd like not to believe it, it's still a truism. No matter how much we kick, sob uncontrollably, stomp, or follow Stew Morrill around, insisting that it continue, it doesn't change the fact that the USU men's basketball season is over. There. I said it. And, to add salt to the wound: it won't be back for approximately 185 days {as soon as the official schedule comes out, you better believe this blog will have an official countdown}.

So. That leaves us wondering what on this green earth shall we do for the next 185 days? So far, I have only two things:

1. Re-become a Jazz fan. I re-become a Jazz fan only during the playoffs because that seems to be the only time that NBA basketball players seems to actually care about the games they are playing ... so that is when I will actually begin to care to define myself as a fan.

Here I am with my sister-in-law, brother, and Dad at a Jazz game. We are actually sitting in the executive suite. {Two golden stars for my dad for getting us such stellar seats.} The executive suite is pretty nifty, to even enter you must be dressed up all fancy. And, then they serve you dinner as you watch the game from your table (as pictured above). At half-time they bring out the most amazing desserts you have ever laid eyes on! And, to top it of, as if they stalk me in their spare time: they place on the table, in an adorable little dish, peanut M&M's!! Oh, happiness can still be found even after the USU men's basketball season.

Numero 2. Find a five-year-old to support in a local soccer league.

Here is my adorable little nephew being a stud on the soccer field. Look at that ball control! :) Not that I keep stats {hmm, although, maybe I should}, but I think he is their leading scorer. It doesn't hurt that Grandma and Grandpa are paying him one dollar for every goal he makes. And then, the bottom photo is of me and my sister freezing our bums off {literally, they fell off right there on the grass after this photo was taken} watching the cute boy play.

Hopefully, these events will give my life some meaning until the return of USU men's basketball ... but before I go, please take note of the poll on the right hand column and take a minute or two to vote {if it really takes you that long to vote: bless your soul}. Your vote will help me to meet your needs as you visit this website.

Thank you - the Management.


Toni said...

Lol!!! You are my favorite! I just noticed you have me married to Derek Jeter! I miss you so much! And ugh for aggie bball being over . . . Should you want to become a Yankee fan during the off season, you know who to call :)

Brad & Jamie Downs said...

I have to agree, when the Aggie Basketall season is over it leaves a large void in my heart & my schedule! The only thing worse is coming back for the season opener & missing guys like Bernard Rock, Tony Brown, Nate Harris, Spencer Neilson (I still miss him) and sooo many others! Go Jazz

Suz said...

Mindy, at last I find your blog!! I will now add it to my list of favorite people!

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