Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I was flipping through TV stations today {a definite sign you should not be watching TV if you don't even know what you want to watch}. While performing this tedious task, I found myself stopping on a music video ... for Lionel Richie's "Hello?"

Unfortunate truth: this is not the first time I've seen this video. And, some of you might be blessed enough to be too young to ever recall seeing it {or even knowing who Lionel B. Richie is}. It emerged sometime in the late 80's I am guessing ... Back when florescent colors, stone-washed jeans, and little bracelets you could literally slap onto your wrists were cool {in all honesty, I still think those bracelets are cool, and would be wearing one as I type if I was given one as a gift ... perhaps a birthday hint?}.

For those who haven't seen it, here is the skinny {which you all have access to do with the link I provided. What a good little blogger I am!}. Lionel apparently keeps calling this girl, just saying, "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" and hanging up. Oddly enough, she seems pleased by this. And from what I gather, he also hides out in her art/sculpting class. Somehow, completely and entirely unknown to the universe how she accomplishes this, the woman ends up sculpting a bust of Lionel in her class, and oh by the way, the woman is BLIND!

Now let's talk about her blindedment for a minute ... In the video, you'll notice that often times Lionel is seen standing behind her, walking behind her while singing about her. Lionel! She is blind - NOT Deaf. She might not be able to see you creepily stalking her, but she would most definitely be able to hear you!

My point: What Lionel did in that video is illegal in most states. Plus, Lionel's hair is too big and his jacket is completely over sized. To top it off, the bust the woman sculpted didn't even resemble Lionel! Okay, well ... she was blind so that point might not be my strongest. But what does remain is this: I do think the world would have been a safer and a better place had the video of "Hello?" and Lionel's hair never came out. You will probably not be surprised to know that 67% of Croatians {including Dr. Luka Kovac from "ER"} agree with me and so does a nice employment-challenged man I met on the street named Leroy.


WARNING: Surgeons in general have determined that prolonged exposure to this blog may be hazardous to one’s grasp of reality, and has been rumored to cause digestive problems in laboratory assistants. The views presented in this blog are not necessarily that of the author, or anyone else on the planet for that matter. Contents may settle during shipping. Your results may not vary. If not completely satisfied please return unused portion for a full non-refund. Void where prohibited, including some parts of Idaho. Please allow 6-8 weeks for comprehension. If flames persist discontinue use and seek medical attention. For entertainment purposes only. As with any waste of time, there is some risk involved. Have a nice day (not available in all polar regions). Note: if this warning bothers you, don’t worry, it bothers us too, and we wrote the thing. [This message will not self-destruct. It has a much higher sense of worth than that.]


Our Little Fam said...

YAY!!! you have a blog!!! That makes me so happy! Seriously, whenever I need a good laugh, I'll just come here! I loved your lionel richie post, that was hilarious. You really do not know how excited I was when I found your blog!!! Anyway, enough excitement for now, but are you going to the home meet on saturday? my team is competing at logan on saturday, so I will be up there, and if I get a chance I will go by USU's. Anyway I hope I get to see you this weekend.

Alison said...

oh mindy how you make me laugh!

Rhonda said...

I guess I am one of those who is too young to have seen the music video, but I do enjoy your description of it. However, I was a part of the slap band bracelet fad. I had quite a few of them and enjoyed them thoroughly until they were banned from my elementary school because they were apparently very dangerous.

Toni said...

Oh how I miss you! I just replayed the whole story as it would have played back in the oakridge days ...lol!

Meg said...

My husband's name is Ray, if you want to add it to your link. Although I find the current link title quite entertaining.

Julie said...

Hooray for your blog! Thanks for writing on mine! :) And you can tell Tiff she's funny. 3 girls make that impossible!!

Brandon and Erica said...

HEY! You are hilarious.
And, I am glad that you also support blog-stalking. I would have found you on someone's blog eventually. SO, THANKS for getting onto mine!

You live in Logan now? Crazy. I thought you LOVED Provo. :-) ::insert sarcasm::

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