It's time to face the truth ...

That's right, ladies and gentlemen ... No matter how much we'd like not to believe it, it's still a truism. No matter how much we kick, sob uncontrollably, stomp, or follow Stew Morrill around, insisting that it continue, it doesn't change the fact that the USU men's basketball season is over. There. I said it. And, to add salt to the wound: it won't be back for approximately 185 days {as soon as the official schedule comes out, you better believe this blog will have an official countdown}.

So. That leaves us wondering what on this green earth shall we do for the next 185 days? So far, I have only two things:

1. Re-become a Jazz fan. I re-become a Jazz fan only during the playoffs because that seems to be the only time that NBA basketball players seems to actually care about the games they are playing ... so that is when I will actually begin to care to define myself as a fan.

Here I am with my sister-in-law, brother, and Dad at a Jazz game. We are actually sitting in the executive suite. {Two golden stars for my dad for getting us such stellar seats.} The executive suite is pretty nifty, to even enter you must be dressed up all fancy. And, then they serve you dinner as you watch the game from your table (as pictured above). At half-time they bring out the most amazing desserts you have ever laid eyes on! And, to top it of, as if they stalk me in their spare time: they place on the table, in an adorable little dish, peanut M&M's!! Oh, happiness can still be found even after the USU men's basketball season.

Numero 2. Find a five-year-old to support in a local soccer league.

Here is my adorable little nephew being a stud on the soccer field. Look at that ball control! :) Not that I keep stats {hmm, although, maybe I should}, but I think he is their leading scorer. It doesn't hurt that Grandma and Grandpa are paying him one dollar for every goal he makes. And then, the bottom photo is of me and my sister freezing our bums off {literally, they fell off right there on the grass after this photo was taken} watching the cute boy play.

Hopefully, these events will give my life some meaning until the return of USU men's basketball ... but before I go, please take note of the poll on the right hand column and take a minute or two to vote {if it really takes you that long to vote: bless your soul}. Your vote will help me to meet your needs as you visit this website.

Thank you - the Management.


Fine, Seth ...

At Seth L. Marek's request, I am talking less and putting up more photos. I guess I will document what I've been up to for the past little while (for those I haven't been in contact with) through photographs ... Warning: I rarely do anything in moderation:

Yes. I still run. That seems to be the one question most people ask me. Instead of asking, "How are you doing?" They ask, "Are you still running?" ... And, yes. I am still obsessed with USU athletics. I put up that photo of Jaycee Carroll to show you that his muscles have muscles!

I actually moved to Provo for six whole months! While I didn't enjoy living in Provo, I absolutely loved the people .... Here are just some of the people dear to my heart who live in Provo.

Even though I quit Provo, I still visit there a lot {a lot!}. My most recent trip was actually to campaign for the BYUSA elections {yeah, I still can't believe I did that} ... While going door-to-door, one kid said he wouldn't vote for the candidates I was campaigning for unless I played with his snake ... Also while going door-to-door, I emptied peoples' trash. This garbage bag was literally only an inch off the ground. Stinkin' huge garbage sack! Sigh. The things I do for those boys ...

This is particularly for Seth and Mel: I also have found myself in NEW MEXICO a lot the past several months! While there I ride horses, shoot guns, go four-wheeling, and also: visit the Albuquerque Temple. :)

And, I might return in May, so maybe we can be friends while there! :)

What else? ... For the past four summers I have been involved with EFY. This past summer, I coordinated with Troy Aaron Smith and had the most amazing team ever. And yes, all the gals on the team did buy matching dresses one day. What was even better: a little participant at EFY happened to be wearing that same dress that same day ... she was so embarrassed.

On accident, while just trying to be a good and supportive friend, I got involved in politics ... It all started with a little Mitt Romney rally in Salt Lake and led up to traveling 22 hours on a bus {that was going 10 mph on the freeway at one point} to Sioux City, Iowa for the Iowa Caucus. We were there for about a week, making a bizillion phone calls, knocking on doors, making signs and then holding them up in -4* temperatures on street corners. I still cannot believe how many political debates I watched nor how long I would watch poll results come in ...

Still making the Disneyland trip about 1.78 times per year and loving it. A couple months ago we took my nephews for the first time. They thought we were going to Salt Lake to play until we got to the airport and then told them we were going to Disneyland!

And, just so you won't be disappointed, I am still doing randomly strange things, which include but definitely are not limited to: jumping into lakes in the middle of the night; having a nasty on-going hot dog eating competition; creating new ways to become a True Aggie; playing in random caves with glow sticks; learning where the tunnels underneath USU's campus really go; blowing up over 500 balloons for a friend's birthday; and jumping out of a plane, 13,000 above ground! {That puts all rides at Disneyland to shame ... except maybe Teacups.}

There, Seth. I'm done. I actually want to thank you for giving me a reason to get Lionel Richie's photo further down on the blog. Having his photo greet me when I came to my blog was kinda creeping me out. :)


Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I was flipping through TV stations today {a definite sign you should not be watching TV if you don't even know what you want to watch}. While performing this tedious task, I found myself stopping on a music video ... for Lionel Richie's "Hello?"

Unfortunate truth: this is not the first time I've seen this video. And, some of you might be blessed enough to be too young to ever recall seeing it {or even knowing who Lionel B. Richie is}. It emerged sometime in the late 80's I am guessing ... Back when florescent colors, stone-washed jeans, and little bracelets you could literally slap onto your wrists were cool {in all honesty, I still think those bracelets are cool, and would be wearing one as I type if I was given one as a gift ... perhaps a birthday hint?}.

For those who haven't seen it, here is the skinny {which you all have access to do with the link I provided. What a good little blogger I am!}. Lionel apparently keeps calling this girl, just saying, "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" and hanging up. Oddly enough, she seems pleased by this. And from what I gather, he also hides out in her art/sculpting class. Somehow, completely and entirely unknown to the universe how she accomplishes this, the woman ends up sculpting a bust of Lionel in her class, and oh by the way, the woman is BLIND!

Now let's talk about her blindedment for a minute ... In the video, you'll notice that often times Lionel is seen standing behind her, walking behind her while singing about her. Lionel! She is blind - NOT Deaf. She might not be able to see you creepily stalking her, but she would most definitely be able to hear you!

My point: What Lionel did in that video is illegal in most states. Plus, Lionel's hair is too big and his jacket is completely over sized. To top it off, the bust the woman sculpted didn't even resemble Lionel! Okay, well ... she was blind so that point might not be my strongest. But what does remain is this: I do think the world would have been a safer and a better place had the video of "Hello?" and Lionel's hair never came out. You will probably not be surprised to know that 67% of Croatians {including Dr. Luka Kovac from "ER"} agree with me and so does a nice employment-challenged man I met on the street named Leroy.


WARNING: Surgeons in general have determined that prolonged exposure to this blog may be hazardous to one’s grasp of reality, and has been rumored to cause digestive problems in laboratory assistants. The views presented in this blog are not necessarily that of the author, or anyone else on the planet for that matter. Contents may settle during shipping. Your results may not vary. If not completely satisfied please return unused portion for a full non-refund. Void where prohibited, including some parts of Idaho. Please allow 6-8 weeks for comprehension. If flames persist discontinue use and seek medical attention. For entertainment purposes only. As with any waste of time, there is some risk involved. Have a nice day (not available in all polar regions). Note: if this warning bothers you, don’t worry, it bothers us too, and we wrote the thing. [This message will not self-destruct. It has a much higher sense of worth than that.]


Oh my word ...

Setting up this blog was quite possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire long-legged life! Who knew I would be spending the better part of the last morning of my spring break creating this stinkin' thing?

So, I have a problem: I am a holder-offer. What is this exactly? Someone who holds off on doing something just because it is the popular thing to do. Why is this a problem? Because a holder-offer is like unto a follower and for some reason, I don't want to be a follower.

I want to think of myself as Charlie Dalton in the movie, "Dead Poet's Society." I don't remember the details, but at one point the professor, played by Robin Williams, is beating a drum and tells his students to march to it ... If my memory serves me correctly some march together and some march, as the old saying goes, "to the beat of [their] own drum." But not Charlie. He chooses not to march at all. I would like to think that I am Charlie ... that I do my own thing. But that is a lie. Apparently so, because I am a holder-offer.

Things I'm a holder-offer on: Facebook - I held off for eight months before I finally joined. But the fact remains, I finally joined; cell phone - I didn't get one until I had to because I was away at EFY and if I didn't have a cell phone, there would literally be no way to contact me from Sunday 3:30pm - Saturday 10:00am, yet I still have one sitting right next to me as I type this; texting - I had my cell phone for nearly three years before I read or sent my first text. Now I send/receive 1500 monthly.

But to my credit ... I am not a follower when it comes to the following things: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Twilight series, or choosing between the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Before I end this massive entry {which probably sets a record for the longest first entry EVER}, I want to thank everyone who helped me try and pick out a title for this blog. The following are some of the ideas I was given, followed by who they were submitted by:

"Luck of the Draw" - Jillian Catts

"Running out of Time" - Ali Rogers
"I love those" - Staci Mecham

"Singleville and loving it" - Jon Halladay (I told him I'd totally be loving it if Singleville was like Smallville and a Tom Welling was involved)

"Mindynator" - David Christensen Macfarlane

"Whatever it is, it should have something to do with running" - said four different people

"Something about you being random" - said three others.

But my favorites were probably:

"When you are blogging, are you naked, naked, NAKED?" - Erin Houghtaling

"Overly enthused about leg wrestling" - Jess Root

"Mindalicious: life of a warrior woman" - Markus Lyman Morrell

Okay. I think I am going to go eat lunch now. Either pizza dipped in ranch or roast beef and potatos. I wonder which one will win.
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