Dear Daren ...

I am a hater for Beach Boys' music, BBQ sauce, bowling, beef jerky and deer {and monotonous tasks like going to the bank and putting laundry away as mentioned here ... but doesn't every hate that kind of stuff?}.

Notice how that didn't say your alma mater.

There are some things I genuinely and sincerely like about your alma mater. Here is a list of those things.

1. I like how well-kept the grounds are. And I love the flowers in the springtime and summer. Anyone can tell that a lot of effort goes into making it a beautiful campus. And it is.

2. I love the Italian place in the food court {yes, I know the name of the food court, but I am trying not to draw unduly attention to the university as it could somehow become a platform for hatred} ;) ... I cannot recall the name of it ... but the spaghetti and breadsticks are fabulous. It took more willpower than I thought I had in me to not eat there every day I roamed on that campus.

3. I spent roughly a combined eight months living on that campus ... and had a marvelous time. I wouldn't trade those months working there for anything. Not only the work I was doing at the time that led me to your university, but there was no where else I would have rather done that particular work. Word to E.F.Y.! :)

4. Some of the best people I know have gone to your alma mater, yourself included. But also, Adam R., David M., Amber A., Meggie W., Michael Brian Lundberg, Linze S., Erica K. G., Whitney M., ... and some of my favorite people work there {shout out to Dee!}.

5. All the dorms, to my knowledge, have AC. :)

6. Memorial Hall. Some stellar naps were had there. However, I now hear that might be disrespectful to nap in there ... and if so, I feel pretty dern {yes, dern} badly about it. Not my intent. But back to the great naps ... :)

7. I am pretty much obsessed with the cross country and track teams, and yes, I do cheer for them. There was a time that the womens' cross country team won the national championship race three times in five years! And one of those years, they would have still won the race if their top two runners hadn't ran at all! Now, I realize for non-cross country junkies out there, that might not make sense. But just know that is a feat that, mark my words, will never be matched again. This university continually produces some of the finest distance runners in the world. Like her husband. And she is pretty speedy herself!

8. This is also the only university that I am aware of that sits up and takes down the chairs and tables for all the kiddies at EFY. At all others, the counselors have to. :) Do.you.know.how.long.it.takes.to.set.up.HUNDREDS.of.chairs??? Multiple times in one week? Let me tell you: a.lot.

9. I like the mountains in Provo. They are different than Logan {which are fabulous too!} and I can appreciate the beauty in nature, regardless of it's locations. ;)

10. I like that there is a Chik-fil-a and an In-N-Out in Provo. A lot. :) Too bad the In-N-Out wasn't there when I lived there. :)

11. The Provo River Trail. Ohhhh, how I loved running there. It pleased my glad little heart.

12. I love how there is always a runner to be found on campus. It made me want to hop out of my car and join them!

And I probably could go on ... because non-haters can find lots of things they like. Buuut, I am getting a little bored. Haha! :)

But there you have it. How about you name 12 things you heart about USU ... or me. Whatev. It's kinda the same thing, no? ;)



DeeAura said...

P.S. I never saw my shout-out until now! How is that?! I've always read your blog! Thank you. :) The end.

Daren said...

A post just for me! I have to admit, I was expecting it to be more about how awesome I am, but who can be disappointed with a post just for their benefit? Have I implied that I thought you were a hater? If I have, it was unintentional. My objections to your comments were only that they were generalizations about the university or the student body as a whole. While I know you don't think that's true, the way things were stated made it seem that way. Maybe I should write 12 things I like about USU, as long as only 8 of them are actually about USU, since your others were more about Provo than BYU. ;)

Meg said...

I don't think I've ever been on BYU campus. I really haven't spent all that much time in Provo, either. But my husband, who is definitely not a BYU fan, will even admit that he was impressed with the campus and the engineering program when he was there as an engineering student at some competition. (Doing whatever engineering students compete in, concrete canoes? steel bridges? I don't know.)

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