Psst. Psst. This is me whispering very quietly. I am just going to jump in as if I haven't been MIA for over three months. 

I went and did it this time. 

Two months after adopting the most adorable kitties in the world ... I adopted a third! I know, I know. Full-blown crazy cat lady status right here!

I actually asked my beloved friends on Facebook how many kitties made someone a crazy cat lady. My favorite response? "Mindy, if you have to ask that question, you are already there."

To my credit {is it even possible to have credibility when owning three kitties}, I really just felt like a little white kitty needed me. So, without further adieu, I want to introduce you to my baby, Oliver.

 I think it goes without saying that after taking a look at him, I was sold and there was no going back. How could anyone NOT want this adorable creature in their home? And lucky me, my home it is!

I won't go into the details of how the seller told me I was getting a little girl. I won't tell you that I was convinced I was going to name her Marlee, Izzy or Ellie. I won't tell you that as soon as I got "her" home she was roughing housing like it was nobody's business and I was quite surprised that "she" was so wild. I won't tell you that during said rough housing "she" rolled over onto "her" tummy and my "I grew up on a farm" knowledge told me "she" wasn't a she at all. And I definitely won't tell you that I asked my family if there was anyway "she" could identify as being a female and we all just pretend "she" was still a she. No, no. I shan't go into all of that. :)

Just know that I love my little Ollie. He is laying against my feet as I type this right now and I ain't hatin' it. :)

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Lola & Milo

While adulting and stuff {read as buying my first home}, it didn't take too long before I realized, "Hey ... I own a home. I should own a cat."

Stick with me here. 

As a kid, I wanted to own ALL the animals. But somewhere between kidland and adulthood, that desire left. And I wasn't sad about it at all. I mean, sure, kitties and other animals are totes adorbs, but they can cause major problems, totes mgotes.

I mean, cleaning out a litter box or picking up pooh on my front lawn? NO.THANK.YOU.

Having to remember to feed them regularly and sometimes before you feed yourself? UH.UH.

I can remember going to my parents house several months ago. They have three cats. Because I talked them into it, sometimes, many times, much to their dismay{I like OTHER people having animals, just not me}. One of their kitties is a real bawl baby. She cries ALL the time. Mostly for food.  I vividly remember walking into their home STARVING and as I am trying to satisfy my belly's ferocious demands, the little bum wouldn't stop crying and get this - I had to put my hunger on hold for hers {I know, I know ... You're nominating me already for the world's best mom and I don't even have kids}. 

Yet, somehow. I buy a house. And suddenly?

Meet Milo and Lola. 

I adopted them from Four Paws Rescue {such an amazing organization in Cache Valley} and I could NOT be happier. I clean out their litter box, feed them before myself and even purchase them kitty toys! 

They are perfect in practically every way and I am obsessed. You can even think I am a crazy cat lady and I would probably agree. :) 

You know, I am "old" and not married. Sometimes you just cannot fight your destiny. ;)

So, kitty carry on. :)

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Working for a school district has some major perks. Like  being an adult and getting summer break! If I had a yearbook to sign, I would have said things like, "2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten" and "Call me over summer!" 

Let's not kid ourselves. I wouldn't have written that one. Or if I had, I would have written down the wrong number. 

When I left work Thursday afternoon for SUMMER BREAK, I instantly turned off my work phone and hid it for the the next 2.5 months. I will probably shed a tear when it is time to whip that bad boy back out.

For now, you can catch me on the flip side. Soaking in every single moment of NOT work. 

And just so you know, this is what the flip side looks like. 

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

However, I'd be lying if I said the stellar sun burn on my legs {and only my legs} wasn't too shabby. Because it is. But, I'd rather have sunburned legs after paddle boarding on my summer break than not having said sunburned legs because I was sitting in one of my 26 schools somewhere across the valley of Cache.

I think this paddle board and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other this summer.

What does summer hold in store for YOU?

P.S. It must be said that the boyf bought me my adorable rash guard {it's from Albion Fit} because I can apply sunscreen every 45 minutes and still get burned and he didn't want me to get burned! Adorbs. The rash guard and the boyf. :)
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Another home owner mishap ...

Remember how I spilled paint onto my carpet after owning my home for only 30 minutes? Yeah, that was fun.

Two nights later, we had another mishap.

When my grandfather passed away two years ago, I was gifted the most adorable bedroom set. Vintage and my grandmother inherited it from her aunt, so it is easily 100+ years old.  Unfortunately, the bed didn't take the move very well.

During my second sleep in the new home, I was awakened to falling off my bed. The head board leg gave way and the side board fell apart. :( While I practically fell off my bed. Practically.

I contacted several woodsworkman {this is sooo a word, trust me} and they might be able to fix it. Sigh. But so far, no definitive. Sooooo. I bought a new bedroom set.

But in the mean time, my room is a disaster and I am sleeping on a mattress and box springs on the floor. THEN I can show you my bedroom. Wait. Strike that out. As soon as I get the new bedroom set and get rid of those hideous green walls, THEN I can show you my bedroom. BUT!!! Again, this is all better than spilling paint onto the carpet of the living room floor of a home you've only owned for 30 minutes. ;)

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Sneak Peak! | Living Room

Guys, I have remembered to take out the garbage can to the side of the road three Tuesdays out of three. This is to say, although I spilled paint on my carpet within 30 minutes of owning my new home, I am still an awesome home owner!

Things are sllloooowly coming together in the house. So slowly that the living room is the only room in the entire house that is put together. :)

Technically, the little end table by the couch still needs to be painted white and will be gone for about two weeks to the furniture hospital for cosmetic surgery. That's the same problem with the kitchen. The bar stools, dining table and chairs need a little face lift too {some sanding and painting}. But I will take what I can get for now! Place a little check mark next to the living room and on to the kitchen! :)

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Remember that one time that I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE?

Oh, you probably don't because I never told you about it. Because I didn't have internet at my apartment for the last month and to my knowledge, I still don't have it at MY.HOUSE.


I am a legit, bonefide HOME.OWNER.

And if you can keep this between you and me, I am going to tell you a little secret ... I am the WORST HOME OWNER EVER.

"Why?" you might ask.

Well, I will tell you.

It might just be that within the first 30 minutes of being a home owner, I spilled PAINT on my carpet! This may or may not be true, based on whether you can keep it a secret.

But what the heck? It is true.

No worries, though! My devoted sister was with me when I did it. And not only is she devoted to me, but she is devoted to clean homes and paint-free carpet. While I had to dash off to a meeting for work, she sat on the floor of my brand new home and dabbed the carpet over and over and over again until paint no longer dabbed onto the towel.

So, this post is either about the fact that I am the worst home owner ever or my sister is the best sister ever.  And with that, I am off. Fingers crossed to internet soon! :)

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Criminal Minds Style Torture

Hello, world.

It's been a minute since I have posted, hasn't it? Let's blame that on: going to Disneyland, getting really sick, working like crazy, buying a house* and being tortured, like Criminal Minds style torture. No lie.

When my severe autoimmune symptoms returned, I had doctor visit after doctor visit and test after test. This is nothing new. Except one of the tests was new. And, my, oh my!!

It's called a nerve conduction study. And what it entails ... is being electrocuted {yes, electrocuted} and having a needle being inserted up and down my arm and neck {yes, needle pokes not just in my arm, but MY NECK}.

I am pretty confident this has to be an episode of Criminal Minds. If not, I am highly considering writing it in as a suggestion.

And just for YOUR viewing pleasure, here are some photos of the grand experience. :)

The good news is, I don't have Multiple Sclerosis or any nerve damage. But the bad new is, they still have no idea what is wrong with me.

And with that, I am off. But I shall TRULY try to write more frequently. And I think I will have more to write about very shortly because ... * YES, I SAID I BOUGHT A HOUSE.

But for now, peace out, peeps! :)
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